Thermochromic pigments, inks & paints

Thermochromic Pigments
Our expertise

To create smart temperature-sensitive inks, paints and coatings, OliKrom relies on 3 patented thermochromic technologies:

Reversible color change (OliKrom@TSoft)

Color change at a defined temperature T1 and color recovery when temperature drops back below T1.

The temperature inducing color change, T1, can range from -100°C to +100°C.

Applications: real-time hot-bearing monitoring, industrial temperature control, thermal mapping, packaging and interior decoration, …

Peinture et encre thermochromique réversible à mémoire

Reversible color change with memory effect (OliKrom@TMemory)

Color change at temperature T1 and color recovery when temperature drops below T2. The gap between entre T1 et T2 characterizes the memory effect.

Applications: industrial maintenance control, identification of breaks in the cold chain, control of the thermal history of specific elements, verification of appropriate storage conditions, identification electrical components under overload or short circuit conditions, or overheating engine parts.

pigments thermochromique irreversible

Irreversible color change (OliKrom@TOne)

Permanent color change over a given temperature. The temperature inducing color change can range from +60°C to +900°C.

Applications: Visualization of any temperature increase over a given threshold (thermal mapping, prevention of thermal faults, …).

Heat sensitive paint
Our added-value

R&D bureau d'étude pigments thermochromiquesR&D Unit
Scientific Expertise

OliKrom ‘s R&D team configures and optimizes the temperature range, the reversible/irreversible feature, the switching speed, the color palette, …

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Formulation Unit
Custom development

Custom-designed pigments are integrated in the desired matrix (paint, coating, ink, masterbatch, …) according to your technical, economic and regulatory requirements.

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Industrial Production
Integration & production

OliKrom helps its partners to scale up from R&D to manufacturing and provides production capacities from kilograms to multiple metric tons.

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Temperature sensitive paint
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We configure the thermal window, the reversible/irreversible feature, the switching speed and color palette according to your needs.

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    OliKrom produces custom thermochromic pigments for the industry. Our smart heat sensitive pigments are used to make thermochromic inks, thermocolor paints, thermochromic coatings and masterbatches. Temperature sensitive material can be used for industrial safety or cold chain monitoring.