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OliKrom is a recognized player in the field of thermochromic materials. Our team masters the most advanced concepts in materials science to produce various families of thermochromic pigments. Depending on the industrial specifications, we select organic thermochromic pigments such as liquid crystals or ‘leuco dyes’, hybrid or inorganic derivatives. Each of these families has advantages and disadvantages.

We know for example that the pitfalls frequently encountered are the choice of the transition temperature, the loss of properties during the formulation and/or the industrial process, the fatigability of the process during thermal cycles, the sensitivity to ultraviolet, the low coloring power, the limited thermal resistance (200-240°C), the toxicity of some constituents …

And yet, the opportunities are real if the thermochromic pigment is well selected. There is a real wealth of physical mechanisms at the origin of the color change. For example, there are mechanisms of electron or proton transfer, change of coordination site, intramolecular cyclization,… 

The OliKrom team is able to control the thermochromic property by simple chemical modification to become reversible or irreversible “on demand”, to adjust the color change threshold over a wide temperature range (from -200°C to +1000°C), to modulate the optical response and to obtain the color change in the ultraviolet, visible and/or infrared range

We classify all the thermochromic pigments according to their thermochromic response, reversible, with memory effect, or irreversible:

Reversible thermochromism

The color change with temperature is reversible and progressive, centered around the T1 temperature. The color change temperature T1 can be adjusted from -100°C to +1000°C.

Peinture et encre thermochromique réversible à mémoire

Thermochromism with memory effect

The reversible color change occurs at a temperature T1 and returns to its original color when the temperature drops to T2. The difference between T1 and T2 defines the memory effect.

pigments thermochromique irreversible

Irreversible Thermochromism

The color change with temperature is definitive as soon as the temperature is raised above a defined level. The color change temperature T1 can be adjusted from +60°C to +900°C.

Industrial production of thermochromic materials
Our added value

Based on our experience, each industrial application is unique. We know that the pigment/matrix couple is crucial to control the thermochromic property and its stability.

Therefore, to ensure industrial production with total control of quality and reproducibility, we deliver only the final formulation in the form of: thermochromic inks (UV, solvent) adapted to printing techniques (screen printing, pad printing, etc.) and/or thermochromic paints (acrylic, polyurethane, etc.).

OliKrom accompanies each request “from need to product” by involving our experts from the Materials research and development unit, the process department and the production plant:

The Materials Department,
scientific excellence

This research and development unit elaborates the thermochromic pigment according to your specifications: temperature range, reversible/irreversible character, switching speed, choice of colors,…

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The Process Department,
the expertise of the formulation

This process unit is in charge of integrating the pigment into the desired matrix (ink, paint, etc.) while preserving the targeted thermochromic property according to your technical, economic and regulatory constraints.

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Industrial production,
from the kilogram to the ton

This unit ensures the industrial production of thermochromic inks and paints in compliance with OliKrom Inside’s quality requirements (ISO 9001 certification) and the security of supplies and compliance with deadlines.

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    By the way: what is thermochromic property?

    It is the ability of some materials to change color with temperature. It is called thermochromism (from the Greek thermos, temperature, and chromos, color). The applications of thermochromism are numerous in the industrial field: for example as an element of industrial security (sensor, sensor, indicator,…), to fight against counterfeiting, to personalize an object,…