OliKrom Health & Care

Boost innovation and reinvent ourselves

In a rapidly changing sector, the OliKrom Health & Care division reinvents tomorrow's trends everyday.

Our team's agility and expertise enable us to innovate within a constrained regulatory setting and to support a lot of manufacturers in the health, cosmetics, skin and food sectors.

15 years of expertise in color intelligence for innovation

Our fields of intervention health, cosmetics, skin and food sectors


Innovate within a constrained regulatory setting

Our unique expertise in the science of smart products allows us to innovate to prepare for tomorrow's trends despite the multiplicity of cosmetics and skin regulations.


Create smart packaging

Our teams modulate the optical response of an ink with temperature or light to create indicators of compliance, expiration, proper use... And create packaging with new smart functionalities.


Strengthen traceability

Color programming and/or luminescence control allow us to develop security, tamper evidence and unit traceability keys to increase consumer confidence: cosmetics, care and food sectors.

Cosmetics, skin and food sectors: Substitute a raw material and recreate color


Today, it is more frequent to have to change the composition of cosmetics products: the pigment load at the origin of its color can become problematic for regulatory, technical, economic or resource depletion reasons.

To meet this challenge, we support our cosmetics and Health & Care industrial partners in their eco-design process, to substitute raw products. We exploit one of the components of color intelligence, which allows us to modulate and control the optical response of a matrix.

By molecular engineering, we recreate the product within a single pigment (by successive alloying), or even a mixture of unitary pigments selected, for example, for their natural resources. It is a whole compromise to recreate a product, to optimize the parameters of colors, opacity, oil setting...

You have a sustainable solutions project?


Our expertise

Create smart coatings of tomorrow

In the health, cosmetics, skin and food sector, our unique know-how in materials science is used to develop customized interactive coatings.

From the analysis of your specifications (functional, technical, regulatory, economic, environmental...), our mastery of color allows us to adapt the optical response of products to the right wavelength and to make your systems reactive to: temperature, light (photochromes and luminescents), pressure, the presence of a solvent or a gas.

Our approach is global: we are with you from start to finish, from the proof of concept to the manufacturing of the final product in our factory.

Our added value in the service of product innovation

Sustainable innovation for health, cosmetics, skin and food product.

Since its creation, OliKrom is a company committed to the ecological transition.

Our innovation action consists in preparing the future of health, cosmetics, care and food sectors: eco-design of new colors and products, substitution of problematic raw materials, creation of a universal color to share production costs, sustainable solutions, eco-responsible technologies...

The culture of confidentiality

Throughout the development process, we guarantee the utmost discretion with regard to the innovative nature and sensitivity of the information communicated. The culture of confidentiality is an integral part of the OliKrom approach.

Research & Development at the heart of our strategy


The scientific innovation and the mastery of intelligent color-changing materials is the heart of our strategy. Each year, more than 30% of our investments are dedicated to Research.

Our Research Department is committed to scientific excellence and creativity to develop the most effective color changing smart products or optimized luminescence properties. We are constantly improving our technologies to offer you the best solution.

This unique expertise in color intelligence allows our teams to innovate daily to meet new uses of cosmetics, skin, food and product.

We implement new synthetic ways (organic, hybrid, inorganic) and develop new smart pigments by adjusting the switching speed, the triggering threshold, the optical contrast, etc. We create every day new safety features and innovative solutions in response to environmental or performance issues.