Secure a product

Are you facing an industrial security issue?

Every day, our teams develop intelligent coatings in response to industrial problems: reinforcing traceability, solving an industrial failure, securing a site, making production and supplies more reliable.

Strengthen traceability
Protect your products with security keys

Our smart materials offer a multitude of possibilities, still unknown to counterfeiters, to create security keys adapted to your problem. A coating can become reactive to temperature, light (photochromism and luminescents), pressure, or the presence of a solvent or gas.

Depending on the need, the tamper evidence can be visible. For example, a coating on a packaging will change color if it is heated to try to remove a label. In other cases, the key must remain invisible. The smart coating will be revealed only at the time of authentication to demonstrate the origin of the product.

There are many developments today, for example, in the medical and/or food field for the control of each medicine, each packaging: to identify a break in the food cold chain, to attest the conformity of storage of a medicine, a vaccine.

Solving an industrial failure

Reinforce the security of an industrial production line


Have you identified an industrial risk? Smart materials with color change can create any device: sensor, indicator, component...

Depending on the need, the material can become reactive with its environment, such as a coating that will change color to signal an anomaly (solvent, water or gas leak).

Depending on the industrial risk, our team of chemical experts is able to adapt the optical response of materials. The detection can be visual to be interpreted by an operator or coupled for automation (optical device, camera, drone...). In some cases, we make the invisible visible by amplifying a signal to detect the beginnings of an alteration.

Create autonomous sensors

Thermochromic pigment OliKrom©

Some industrial environments require to remain active without electricity supply, in total autonomy (energy, petrochemical, nuclear...).

To meet this type of security, we exploit the ability of intelligent materials to change color autonomously. This is a thermodynamic process that acts as a passive solution. The color change only occurs when the threshold is crossed: temperature, light intensity, detection level of the targeted gas...

As an example, the use of thermochromic coatings can replace thermocouples and/or thermometers: this is an industrial reality. All is in the initial programming of the material. Like a living being, the information of color change is inscribed in the material DNA. It is therefore a robust phenomenon that contrasts with the fragility of electronic sensors: breakdowns, hacking, maintenance issues, etc.

Securing an industrial site

Overcome power outages with luminescent signage

Luminescent signage

Some constrained industrial environments require the deployment of alternative solutions in case of a general power cut. Sometimes, the challenge is to ensure the mobility of operators in an environment without any power supply (chemical risks, gas leaks, etc.).

To meet this need, we have exploited the ability of some intelligent products, known as luminescent materials, to store natural light (or artificial light from a lighting system) and to illuminate in the dark to create a photoluminescent paint that lights up for 10 hours, without electricity or CO2 emissions. This patented autonomous technology is marketed under the LuminoKrom® brand name; deployed in France and internationally to increase safety in the industrial field, road infrastructures and sea rescue.

To make production and supplies more reliable

Are you using a smart material whose properties are not stable?

OliKrom industrial producer of smart coatings

Stability issues related to smart materials are common. For example, from one batch to another the tint can vary, the color change is no longer at the same temperature for thermochromic materials, or the luminescence is too weak for luminescent derivatives.

As an industrial leader in color intelligence, we master all the physical mechanisms and processes related to these materials.

We guarantee the recovery of your production in our factory and guarantee the delivery of a material with certified properties.