OliKrom Mobility

Color intelligence for innovation in the transportation sector

The OliKrom Mobility division exploits the wealth of smart materials to develop new innovative technologies for the transportation sector and prepare for a safe, smart and sustainable future.

Together, let's innovate and develop new solutions to make our travels safer and more ecological.

Our areas of intervention to support innovation


Intelligent road marking technologies

By modulating the optical response of materials, we develop intelligent road marking technologies adapted to new modes of mobility and transport: autonomous vehicles, modular road signs, etc.


Supporting the decarbonization of transport

Based on scientific innovation, we contribute to the deployment of new technologies for the decarbonization of transport by creating safety indicators: detection of hydrogen leakage, impact on composite products, etc.


securing mobility

Securing night-time mobility and transport

With our range of LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paints, we contribute to the safety of nighttime travel: bicycle paths, greenways, pedestrian walkways, accident-prone area on road and industry, etc.


Our expertise

Create smart coatings for the future

In the transportation sector, our unique expertise in materials science and innovation is used to develop customized interactive coatings.

From the analysis of your specifications (functional, technical, regulatory of transport, economic, environmental...), our mastery of color allows us to adapt the optical response of materials to the right wavelength and to make your systems reactive to: temperature, light (photochromes and luminescents), pressure, the presence of a solvent or a gas.

Our approach in innovation is global: we are with you from start to finish, from the proof of concept to the manufacturing of the final product in our factory.

Our culture of confidentiality

Throughout the development process, we guarantee the utmost discretion with regard to the sensitivity of the information communicated. The culture of confidentiality is now an integral part of the OliKrom approach, a true guarantee of the company's development and durability.

A recognized know-how, the example of the partnership with the Eiffage Group

Our activities and our mastery of color intelligence lead us to collaborate with many companies on a national and international scale.

For example, in 2016 we initiated a partnership with the Eiffage Group to develop a photoluminescent marking to enhance nighttime mobility and transport safety. Several years of research were required to obtain a photoluminescent paint that complies with road use combining anti-slip, ground adhesion, colorimetry and chemical stability, with optimal luminous performance in intensity and duration.

This new signage capable of lighting up at night without any energy consumption is now being deployed throughout France and internationally (Belgium, Burundi, Canada, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Senegal, Switzerland...). Our patented innovation Made in France has been supported by the ADEME's "Route du Futur" program.

Our innovation technologies

 Photoluminescent signage Luminokrom

 Photoluminescent signage

A range of high performance paints. Up to 10 hours of visibility at night without electricity. Reinforcement of the visibility and the guidance...

Nature : Solvent or aqueous phase
Support : Bitumen - Cement - Metal
Application : Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can


Smart paints

Customized product: high performance paint with optimized color change and/or luminescence...

Nature : Solvent or aqueous phase
Support : To be defined according to the project
Application : Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can


Smart inks

Customized product : high performance ink with optimized color change and/or luminescence...

Nature : Solvent ink or UV photocrosslinkable ink
Support : To be defined according to the project
Application : Screen printing - Flexography - Pad printing