Production unit

Production of smart coatings Made in France

We produce smart inks and paints on an industrial scale in our factory located in Pessac (33) in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Our production are the result of an expertise in color intelligence protected by a portfolio of patents.

An ISO 9001 certified production site

Our expertise and our quality approach enable us to meet production requirements in environments with strong security and/or regulatory constraints. We operate nationally and internationally in the industrial, construction, mobility, health and care, space and defense and luxury sectors.

All our products are produced at our industrial site in Pessac, France, according to rigorous manufacturing processes and under the continuous supervision of our quality manager.

The performance of the smart properties is controlled throughout the industrial manufacturing process, from the pigment to the delivery of the finished products in the form of inks or paints. Each batch is traced and accompanied by a performance certificate. Any deviation is recorded, analyzed and corrected as part of our continuous improvement policy.

Secure production

Secure production

From kilogram to ton/day

We ensure the recurrent and reliable industrial production of intelligent materials in the form of reactive inks and paints:


Respect for deadlines

We guarantee the delivery of our products in the shortest possible time, with an irreproachable level of quality for all types of industry:

  • Smart inks for screen printing, offset pad printing: UV, solvent;
  • Smart paints adapted to different substrates: solvent-based mono and bi-component, aqueous phase.
  • Color masterbatch or color concentrate.

Are you using a smart material whose properties are not stable?

We also take over your production in our factory and guarantee the delivery of a material with certified properties.

The winning bet to produce in France

Examples of supply disruptions are multiplying at the whim of certain countries. The need for French origin appears today as a necessity.

Since 2017, we have made this choice by opening our production factory in Pessac (33), an industrial tool of 1,700 m2 associated with an investment of over 5 million Euros.

We also decided to create an agile industrial tool whose production capacity adapts according to the demand with mixing reactors from 50L to + 1000L.

  • All our products are produced at our industrial site in Pessac and are controlled according to rigorous manufacturing processes, under the continuous supervision of our production control laboratory.

Our strategy is based on the long term. Whether it is to ensure a recurrent production, the passage of a new project in production or even a product whose market demand is accelerating.

Recurring and reliable industrial production

Ensuring recurrent production

Once a product is validated, our chemical engineering teams take charge of its industrialization. A procedure validation plan is established by our quality manager to ensure recurring production.


Securing supplies

In order to secure production, a study of the reliability of supplies is regularly carried out with the implementation of analysis criteria on incoming raw materials as well as the identification of a double sourcing.


Being flexible according to regulatory changes

This long term reliability leads our teams to review a production for reasons of economic and/or environmental constraints (origin and nature of raw materials). This is a long process that requires us to recheck all the manufacturing stages, including the reproducibility of the synthesis.


Ensuring the greatest reactivity to follow the increase in load

Our mastery of all the physical processes allows us to be as agile and responsive as possible to adapt our industrial tool and its production capacity. At each change of scale, the synthesis protocols are revised and optimized to take into account the modification of the equipment, the synthesis conditions (concentration, addition and reaction time, shear force, viscosity...).

An example of large-scale industrial production

LuminoKrom© production

LuminoKrom® is a photoluminescent paint deployed to secure nighttime travel or on industrial sites in areas without public lighting and/or to warn of a power outage.

The production is carried out on a scale of several tons in our factory. We have reactors of more than 1000 L and a filling machine that allows us to fill 20 kg, 10 kg and 5 kg pots.

We ship this product nationally and internationally, and to guarantee the highest satisfaction of our customers, we ensure a shipment within 7 working days.