Our values

OliKrom, a shared adventure

Beyond the strategic choices that mark our development, we believe that our human values and our commitment contribute to the durability and success of our company.

On a daily basis, we cultivate boldness and develop the values of benevolence, responsibility, diversity, innovation and customer satisfaction.

OliKrom Team


OliKrom's communication policy is characterized by transparency, sincerity and openness to dialogue. The management team strives to provide reliable and relevant information that allows for an objective assessment of the company's performance in its areas of economic and social responsibility.

Benevolence means putting people at the heart of the working environment and relationships, for ever more conviviality on a daily basis.

  • It is to encourage sharing, constructive listening and accessibility between employees.
  • It is to develop empathy in order to find support in the event of occasional difficulties.
  • It means being able to express yourself freely and sincerely to your colleagues.

Sense of responsibility

Responsibility means knowing how to combine ambition and realism, by setting high and achievable objectives for its teams.

  • It means encouraging the development of its employees and recognizing the right to make mistakes, in order to draw new skills from each experience.
  • It means being exemplary in our daily management actions.
  • It means making decisions with a sense of responsibility.
  • It means monitoring and respecting its commitments.


Diversity means multiple ethnic or social origins.

  • They are employees of all ages.
  • It is the professional equality between men and women.
  • It is the prevention of discrimination in all its forms.

Spirit of innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our development model, guaranteeing performance and excellence for our customers. It is the company's duty to seek new solutions and to anticipate and adapt to changes in our environment, in the broadest sense of the term: economic, ecological and societal.

Boldness is the desire to push one's limits further and further, to refuse the status quo through a dynamic of permanent improvement.

  • It's knowing how to get out of the box by being curious.
  • It is to encourage creativity and initiatives, for a better collective performance.
  • It means cultivating agility to adapt quickly to changes in our environment.
  • Boldness is simply daring!

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to the company's development, its sustainability and its ability to meet its commitments to its stakeholders. It mobilizes all the resources and skills of our teams.

Customer culture means placing the sense of service at the center of our concerns and our businesses.

  • It means being attentive to the needs of all our customers, in order to adapt our offer and our services with the greatest reactivity.
  • It means encouraging mutual knowledge between customers and suppliers and promoting listening and dialogue.
  • It means innovating to capture new markets.
  • It means being an ambassador for our technologies and contributing to their development.

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