Advice and assistance

Our scientific experts at your side

Our service was created to provide advice and technical assistance in the field of smart materials.

Our objective is to accompany you efficiently throughout your project: proof of concept, prototyping, pre-industrialization, production.

Save you time

Why technical assistance? What changes with smart materials?

OliKrom industrial producer of intelligent coatings

The manipulation of an smart material is complex. It requires the understanding of new scientific concepts: thermodynamic mechanisms of phase transition phenomena, photochemistry, material science...

It also implies new characterization tools. In industry, the color of a material is often controlled by colorimetry. On the other hand, for a material that changes color with its environment, the scientific equipment is very little deployed, nor even mastered by the teams.

This disruptive innovation in the industrial world means that production lines must be adapted and teams must be trained. We wanted to respond to this need to facilitate the appropriation of this new universe.

Our added value

A team of experts

A team of scientific experts

For the development of your projects, we provide :

  • A team of experts (doctors, engineers, technicians...) adapted to all industrial stages,
  • On-site experts capable of upgrading the skills of your teams in the field of intelligent materials,
  • 15 years of experience in the mastery of intelligent materials from the pigment scale to the finished product (ink, paint).


One interlocutor

Throughout the project, you will have the same contact person. His role is to act as a relay between your teams and our scientific experts.

He is the guarantor of your expectations and ensures the translation of your specifications to our teams. He is also the guarantor of the timeframe of your project and its possible evolutions.


An analysis service dedicated to color intelligence

We provide our scientific equipment for your project:

  • Measurement of luminescence properties (fluorescence, phosphorescence...),
  • Physico-chemical characterization of thermochromic, photochromic, luminescent, piezochromic, chemochromic materials,
  • Evaluation of the durability (accelerated aging chambers, climatic chambers, abrasion...).
  • Thermal analysis: solar simulator, characterization of albedo coefficients, reflectivity, absorption, thermal gain mapping (infrared camera...).