OliKrom Industry

The advent of smart materials to detect color

The OliKrom Industry division is an expert in intelligent products whose color or luminescence properties are sensitive to their industrial environment.

Based on colors detection, we develop customized intelligent solutions to detect failures, improve the reliability of industrial equipment and the safety of operators.

The use of intelligent products to manage industrial risks and to detect a colors response is a reality that is fully in line with the industry of the future.

Our fields of intervention in industry, safety and color detection

industrial safety

Industrial safety

By creating intelligent coatings (colors & luminescence properties), we contribute to guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the industrial tool: impact or leak detection, thermal mapping, improved visibility...

predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

By modulating the optical properties (color and/or luminescence response) of a paint & ink, we develop intelligent solutions to detect and anticipate future failures on an equipment, a product risk...

High-security inks

The expertise of our teams allows us to formulate secure identification solutions in the form of security inks, specially adapted for printing banknotes, security documents, identity cards...

Making industrial production more reliable and secure

Sécuriser une production

Are you using a smart material whose properties are not stable?

The expertise of our teams allows us to quickly take over the industrial production of smart materials in our factory. We secure your deadlines and guarantee the reliability of the quality and origin of the materials, until the delivery of the products with a performance certificate.


Our expertise of color intelligence

Create smart materials of tomorrow, make the color speak

From the analysis of the industrial risk and the equipment to be secured, our mastery of colors properties allows us to adapt the optical response of coatings to the right wavelength and optimize the color detection.

We develop solutions for smart industry that optical properties are responsive to the  : temperature, light (photochromes and luminescents), pressure, the presence of a solvent or a gas.

We adapt the detection of color response (and/or luminescence: fluorescence, phosphorescence) to the target: human eye, the eye of a robot, the animal eye... Each target of smart industry imposes to our teams an adjustment of the chemistry to induce an optimal color change detection.

Throughout the project, our approach is global: we are with you from start to finish, from the proof of concept to the manufacturing of the final smart product in our factory.

Our culture of confidentiality

Throughout the development process of an industrial request or an innovative project, we guarantee the utmost discretion with regard to the sensitivity of the information communicated.

The culture of confidentiality is an integral part of the OliKrom approach, a true guarantee of the company's development and durability.

Recognized know-how in smart industry

Our innovation activities and our mastery of color intelligence are internationally recognized. As an example, as early as 2018 we were rewarded in the Grands Prix de l'Industrie du Futur organized by La Tribune by winning the "Industrial Nugget" award.

These types of equipment based on color detection for protection or visualization of a risk are of interest to companies in all sectors in France and abroad: petrochemical, nuclear, energy, environment...

Today, there are already many examples of smart materials in industry that can detect color and luminescence properties.

For every application, there is smart solutions to develop. Our teams like to take on challenges and create adaptive optical response materials to increase safety and quality in industry.

All our materials (pigment, ink and paint) are developed and manufactured in our factory in Pessac (France).

Our smart coatings

Photoluminescent signage

Photoluminescent signage

Photoluminescent paint that charges during the day and emits light at night for 10 hours without any electrical source. Ideal for securing night-time movements on an industrial site: securing pathways, dangerous areas, evacuation routes, stairways, etc.

Nature: Solvent or aqueous phase
Type of coating: Bitumen - Cement - Metal
Application: Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can

smart paint

Smart paint

Custom development of intelligent paints that change color (luminescence) according to temperature, light, impact, solvents or gases. On demand adjustment of detection threshold, colors...

Nature: Solvent or aqueous phase
Support: To be defined according to the project
Application: Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can

smart ink

Smart ink

Custom development of smart inks that change color (luminescence) according to temperature, light, impact, solvents or gases. On demand adjustment of detection threshold, colors...

Nature: UV solvent or photocurable ink
Support: To be defined according to the project
Application: Silk-screen printing - Flexography - Pad printing