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L'innovation écologique

Ecological and sustainable innovation

Smart technologies for the environmental transition

Since the company's creation in 2014, we have been supporting the eco-innovation strategy of many manufacturers, in France and internationally.

Our innovative solutions help combat heat islands in urban areas (adaptive pavements, sunlight barrier effects), preserve our resources (substitution of raw materials) or support the development of the "smart city".


A multi-sector positioning

What are the applications?

Detection of overheating, impacts, hydrogen leaks or corrosion, wear indicators, security keys, anti-counterfeiting solutions, visibility improvement or camouflage, raw material substitution, sunlight adaptive coatings, UV resistant materials...

We make color speak in all sectors of activity.


97% of our customers are satisfied

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our quality approach, a true guarantee of the company's development and its durability.

Each year, we work with many large companies in their innovation process with the utmost discretion with regard to the sensitivity of the information communicated.

They trust us





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