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OliKrom, the expert in color intelligence who works with manufacturers in all sectors – The art of transforming your idea into a product

OliKrom works with manufacturers in all sectors in their innovation process by designing and producing the appropriate solution based on color intelligence.

OliKrom designs custom-made smart pigments and produces paints, inks and masterbatches. OliKrom supports manufacturers in their feasibility study (proof of concept), R & D development (medium / long term …), pre-industrial phasing (support of validation tests, prototyping, etc.). At the end, OliKrom produces paints, inks, masterbatches (from a few liters / kilos to the ton). Its team of experts is at your disposal for any technical assistance to industrial integration of intelligent materials (consulting, quality control, training ..). OliKrom® solutions are based on a new generation of patented pigments that change color with temperature, light and / or pressure.

In 2012, OliKrom won the National Contest of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In 2015, OliKrom receives the “SME Let’s Move” Trophy organized by RMC / BFM Business. In 2016, OliKrom is recognized as a global leader by the GLOBAL SMART MATERIALS INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH REPORT! … In April 2017, OliKrom and EIFFAGE sign a strategic collaboration agreement to increase road safety. In 2018, OliKrom opened its production site in Pessac (France). In 2019, OliKrom is launching the marketing of LuminoKrom photoluminescent road paint, which lights up at night to make mobility safer. In 2021, the team is expanding to support the arrival of new products on the market.

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19 July 2021

OliKrom winners of the Open Innovation Factory of GRTgaz

In an economic context where corrosion alone represents between 2.5 and 4.5% of the world’s GDP, GRTgaz was looking for a partner capable of providing an innovative operational response to combat corrosion on the overhead … Read More

15 May 2021

This phosphorescent paint can make the road shine overnight!

Innovation: the start-up OliKrom invents a road paint that lights up at night A French start-up has developed an interesting idea: a phosphorescent paint shining in the night. Already tested in real conditions on a … Read More

14 May 2021

How to combine innovation and energy and ecological transition?

OliKrom puts its expertise at the service of the environmental transition Like the chameleon that can change colour to camouflage itself, coatings that adapt to their environment offer real opportunities to meet future environmental challenges. … Read More

1 May 2021

BFM Business: The OliKrom gem deploys its LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint

Bordeaux-based company OliKrom manufactures a photoluminescent paint that captures and stores sunlight or headlight light and glows in the dark. Jean-François LETARD explains 15 years of research at the CNRS. OliKrom, expert in Color Intelligence, … Read More

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