About us

Industrial leader in color intelligence

Located near Bordeaux (France), OliKrom is the world leader in intelligent color change materials.

We have over 15 years of experience in the art of color control and material programming. We transform ideas into industrial products in all sectors of activity.

Head office, OliKrom© factory France Pessac (33)

Head office, OliKrom© factory Pessac (33)

A unique know-how: make the color speak


Your partner from start to finish

To ensure the transition from design to production, OliKrom is structured around 4 scientific departments:

  • Our Research Department carries out the proof of concept (PoC),
  • Our Formulation and Process Department ensures the delicate mission of integrating the intelligent property into the targeted matrix: paint, ink, plastic, varnish, resin...
  • Our factory ensures the production of our intelligent solutions on an industrial scale and our quality department validates the synthetic protocols.
  • Our consulting and technical assistance center has a pool of equipment of high scientific level to characterize all intelligent properties.

made in France production

Made-to-measure products

We have at our disposal a set of elementary bricks allowing us to adapt the reactivity of materials according to your project.

By molecular engineering, we program the material to induce a change in optical properties according to the application:

This expertise allows our teams to transform "concepts" into "products", some of which are already commercialized.


A Made in France production

We claim to be Made in France with a very high scientific standard.

All our productions are the result of a unique expertise in color intelligence protected by a portfolio of patents.

We produce our coatings from the kilogram to the ton/day and we guarantee the delivery of our products in the shortest possible time, with an irreproachable quality level:

  • Smart inks for screen and offset printing: UV, solvent-based.
  • Intelligent paints adapted to various supports: solvent-based single and two-component, water-based.
  • Color masterbatches or color concentrate.

An innovative and committed company

your made-to-measure product

Our culture of innovation

We place innovation at the heart of our strategy, with more than 30% of our investments devoted to research and development each year.

One of our requirements is to be always at the forefront in the field of color intelligence.

Our activities are structured around six strategic application areas:


Our environmental commitment

Eco-innovation is an integral part of our DNA, with a constant desire to create innovative solutions that are useful and respectful of the environment.

Our unique expertise in the field of intelligent materials allows us to support the eco-innovation strategy of many manufacturers. There are many examples:

  • Eco-design and preservation of resources by substituting a raw material in the composition of an existing product,
  • Deploying new solutions to combat heat islands,
  • Reduce light pollution with the creation of LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking,
  • ...


Our human values

Beyond the strategic choices that mark our development, we believe that our human values and our commitment contribute to the durability and success of our company.

On a daily basis, we cultivate audacity and develop values:

  • of benevolence,
  • a sense of responsibility,
  • diversity,
  • innovative spirit,
  • of customer satisfaction.