Our environmental commitment

Contributing to progress through technological innovation

Since its creation, OliKrom has been a company committed to the ecological transition, sustainable commitment and green innovation to reduce our impact on the planet.

Like the chameleon that can change color to camouflage itself, intelligent coatings that adapt to their environment offer multiple eco-innovative opportunities to meet environmental challenges.

Eco-innovate and Green-Tech to create the products of tomorrow


The consequences of global warming on the environment, biodiversity and climate are already widely visible. Resource scarcity, biodiversity collapse, climate change, multiple forms of pollution: ecological transformation is urgently needed.

We are convinced that it is through ecological innovation, eco-friendly technologies, that we can meet these challenges.

The environmental shift requires us to rethink the entire value chain: raw material supply, manufacturing processes, anticipating the end of product life, and the evolution of future products, etc. This challenge cannot be met without disruptive Green-Tech innovation, without in-depth transformation of future products.

Our unique expertise in the field of intelligent color-changing materials enables us to support the eco-innovation strategy of many manufacturers, in France and abroad, in the cosmetics, transport, energy (petrochemicals, gas, etc.), construction and infrastructure sectors such as roads and pipes.

Half of the ecological solutions already exist, but the other half remains to be invented! !

Preserve resources by substituting a raw material


Today, it is more and more frequent to have to change the composition of a product. The pigment load at the origin of the color of products can become problematic for regulatory, technical, economic or resource depletion reasons.

To respond to this type of need, we support our industrial partners in their eco-friendly design process, to substitute raw materials and reduce the impact on the planet. We exploit one of the components of color intelligence, which allows us to modulate and control the optical response of a material (a matrix).

By molecular engineering, we recreate the color of the material within a single pigment/dye or even a mixture of pigments/dyes selected, for example, for their natural resources.

You are looking for a partner to innovate and redefine a more environmentally friendly product, a smart packaging with a lower environmental impact? Do not hesitate, our teams are at your disposal. This strategy is already deployed!

Deploying new solutions to combat heat islands



Under the combined effect of increasing urbanization and global warming, heat islands are becoming more and more intense in cities. Our scientific teams are now being called upon to develop tomorrow's adaptive pavements to fight against heat islands in urban areas.

Whether it's a paint optimized to better reflect the sun and thus help insulate buildings, or a coating that creates a barrier to the sun's UV rays in summer and prevents heat from entering, the possibilities are numerous. The intelligence of colors is a unique know-how that allows us to create materials with "cold" colors, to limit as much as possible the interactions with the sun and its consequences on the heating of our cities in summer.

One of our strengths is our multidisciplinary approach, with complementary skills in materials science, photochemistry, photophysics, etc. This enables our research and development teams to rethink the architecture of a product. Depending on the project, we optimize the albedo of the materials, the coefficients of reflectivity, absorption, emission...

2018: the marketing of LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking

Since the beginning, our company has chosen to engage in Green Innovation, to reduce our ecological and environmental impact. This desire to create innovative solutions that respect the environment took shape in 2018 with the development and marketing of our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road marking.

This photoluminescent paint charges during the day in the sun and lights up at night for more than 10 hours without any electricity consumption or CO2 emissions. It is a technology with a very low environmental impact that can replace public lighting, especially in interurban areas, to make pedestrian and cyclist movements safer at night.

Today, LuminoKrom® is applied everywhere in France and is also attractive outside our borders: Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Senegal, Switzerland...

A voluntary positioning welcomed by Bpifrance

As a company committed to the ecological transition, OliKrom became an ambassador of the "Coq Vert, Green-Tech community in May 2021.

Our company has thus joined other Green-Tech start-ups committed to the fight against global warming and the environmental transition.

The Coq Vert community was launched by Bpifrance in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This Green-Tech initiative aims to create a collective emulation in favor of sustainable development.