How to combine innovation and energy and ecological transition?

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OliKrom puts its expertise at the service of the environmental transition

Like the chameleon that can change color to camouflage itself, coatings that adapt to their environment offer real opportunities to meet future environmental challenges.

For over 7 years, OliKrom has been designing and producing intelligent color-changing materials. “Our team programs color changes to create indicators of safety, compliance, or authenticity for all sectors of activity. But in addition, we are particularly interested in the challenges of the ecological and energy transition by participating in the creation of a sustainable ecosystem,” says Jean-François Létard, OliKrom’s founding president.

The creation of an eco-sustainable road marking

This desire to create innovative solutions that respect the environment took shape in 2018 with the development and marketing of LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road markings as a substitute for public lighting, a technology with very low environmental impact. Today, more than 60 local authorities throughout France have deployed this innovation to make night-time travel safer. The first projects outside France have also been very successful (Canada, Nigeria, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.).

Marquage LuminoKrom Plage de Carcans – OliKrom©

LuminoKrom® marking to secure a bicycle path at night – Carcans – OliKrom©


Contribute to the creation of future eco-friendly solutions

OliKrom’s R&D department works daily on innovative developments, particularly around green hydrogen. In order to accompany the deployment of this future green fuel, one of the challenges taken up by our teams is the design of coatings capable of changing color in the event of a hydrogen leak.

A major research effort is also dedicated to developing a reactive coating to combat heat islands in urban areas. Indeed, under the combined effect of increasing urbanization and global warming, urban heat islands could become more intense. Adaptation and mitigation measures must be taken, a battle in which OliKrom is involved.

OliKrom’s voluntary positioning praised by Bpifrance

As an SME committed to the ecological transition, OliKrom has become an ambassador of the Coq Vert community. 


In May 2021, the company joined other entrepreneurs committed to the fight against global warming and the environmental transition. 

Bpifrance supports companies in adopting more responsible behavior in favor of the environment. Launched in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Coq Vert community aims to create a collective emulation in favor of sustainable development.

Also a member of Bpifrance’s “Les Excellence” community, OliKrom has been supported by Bpifrance since its creation to develop its research into a real business. “Bpifrance has followed us through each step, focusing on the economic development that could be behind all these research issues. This has led to job creation, but also to the creation of value, with the possibility of having a real impact on society,” explains Jean-François Létard.


L'équipe OliKrom – OliKrom©

With its first plant established in 2018, the company now has 20 employees.


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