OliKrom Construction

Let's invent together the infrastructures of tomorrow

Alongside our industrial partners, the OliKrom Construction division is helping to rethink the city of the future.

The use of intelligent materials allows us to create adaptive pavements to make infrastructures safer, more economical and eco-sustainable.

15 years of expertise in color intelligence

Our fields of intervention


Fight against heat islands

By modulating the optical response of materials, we develop adaptive coatings: smart paint that changes with temperature, with light...

Imagine the buildings of tomorrow

Imagine the buildings of tomorrow

By exploiting smart colors, we are preparing 2050: color-changing glazing, indicators to diagnose the state of drying of a screed, the presence of corrosion...


Make travel safer

With our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint, our objective is to contribute to the safety of night-time movements in the event of a power cut: retirement homes, hospitals, ERP...


Our expertise

Creating the smart coatings of tomorrow

From the analysis of your specifications (functional, technical, regulatory, economic, environmental...), our mastery of color allows us to adapt the optical response of materials to the right wavelength and to make your systems reactive to: temperature, light (photochromes and luminescents), pressure, the presence of a solvent or a gas.

Our approach is global: we are with you from start to finish, from the proof of concept to the manufacturing of the final product in our factory.

Our culture of confidentiality

Throughout the development process, we guarantee the utmost discretion with regard to the sensitivity of the information communicated. The culture of confidentiality is now an integral part of the OliKrom approach.

Acknowledged know-how, a positioning praised by BPI France


With our 15 years of experience in color intelligence, we collaborate with many national and international groups to eco-innovate and create the intelligent products of tomorrow.

As an SME committed to the ecological transition, we are convinced that it is through innovation that we will contribute to the challenges of sustainable development today and tomorrow.

This voluntary positioning has been welcomed by BPI France. In May 2021, OliKrom became an ambassador of the Coq Vert community, an initiative encouraged by the ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, and which aims to create a collective emulation in favor of sustainable development.

Our products


Photoluminescent paint

A range of high performance paints. Up to 10 hours of visibility at night without electricity. Reinforcement of the visibility and the guidance...

Nature : Solvent or aqueous phase
Support : Bitumen - Cement - Metal
Application : Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can


Smart paints

Customized product: high performance paint with optimized color change and/or luminescence...

Nature : Solvent or aqueous phase
Support : To be defined according to the project
Application : Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can


Smart inks

Customized product : high performance ink with optimized color change and/or luminescence...

Nature : Solvent ink or UV photocrosslinkable ink
Support : To be defined according to the project
Application : Screen printing - Flexography - Pad printing