OliKrom Space Defense

Meeting the challenges of aeronautics and Defense

Every day, the OliKrom Space Defense division invents solutions to make colors speak.

The uses of smart coatings are limitless: to detect and signal an anomaly, to amplify a signal, to make the invisible visible or, on the contrary, to camouflage.

15 years of expertise in color intelligence

Our fields of intervention


Detecte an anomaly

By modulating the color and/or luminescence, we develop intelligent solutions able to signal an incident: impact, temperature peak, hydrogen leak...


Camouflage and amplify

In the field of Defense, we develop smart materials whose color adapts to the environment... You have a project ? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Reduce light pollution

Our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint creates light guides to increase safety while reducing light pollution around runways: pathways, taxiways, parking areas...


Our expertise

Creating the smart coatings of tomorrow

Based on the analysis of our partner's specifications and the potential of qmart materials, our mastery of color allows us to adapt the optical response of materials to the right wavelength and to make your systems reactive to: temperature, light (photochromes and luminescents), pressure, the presence of a solvent or a gas.

Our approach is global: we are with you from A to Z, from the proof of concept to the manufacturing of the final product in our factory.

Our culture of confidentiality

Throughout the development process, we guarantee the utmost discretion with regard to the sensitivity of the information communicated. The culture of confidentiality is now an integral part of the OliKrom approach.

Paris Le Bourget Exhibition CenterA recognized know-how

With 15 years of experience in color intelligence, we collaborate with many groups both nationally and internationally to eco-innovate and create the products of tomorrow.

Do not hesitate to meet our teams, we will be at the International Aeronautics and Space Exhibition (SIAE) at the Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Center in June 2023.

Our products

Photoluminescent paint

Photoluminescent paint

A range of high performance paints. Up to 10 hours of visibility at night without electricity. Reinforcement of the visibility and the guidance...

Nature : Solvent or aqueous phase
Support : Bitumen - Cement - Metal
Application : Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can


Smart paints

Customized product: high performance paint with optimized color change and/or luminescence...

Nature : Solvent or aqueous phase
Support : To be defined according to the project
Application : Spray - Brush - Roller - Aerosol can

Smart inks

Smart inks

Customized product : high performance ink with optimized color change and/or luminescence...

Nature : Solvent ink or UV photocrosslinkable ink
Support : To be defined according to the project
Application : Screen printing - Flexography - Pad printing