Make a production reliable

A quality industrial production guarantee

We produce smart inks and paints with programmed color change.

Are you using a smart material with unstable properties?
We will take over your production in our factory and guarantee the delivery of a material with certified properties.

Take an existing formula and stabilize it

Stability issues related to smart materials are common. For example, from one batch to another the tint can vary, the color change is no longer at the same temperature for thermochromic materials, or the luminescence is too weak for luminescent derivatives.

As an industrial leader in color intelligence, we master all the physical mechanisms and processes related to these materials.

This expertise allows us to guarantee the stability of the intelligent properties of the ink or paint we produce for you.

Secure your supplies and lead times


Have you analyzed the vulnerability of your supplies? Too many quality hazards, uncontrolled delays, ever-increasing transport costs?

In order to secure our production, a study of supply reliability is regularly carried out with the implementation of analysis criteria on incoming raw materials as well as the identification of a double sourcing.

All our products are made in France, from our industrial site located in Pessac (33).

An industrial answer adapted to your needs

An agile and responsive team


We set up a schedule in accordance with your industrial process and provide technical support to meet your needs: analysis, formula modification, quantity increase.

We are also frequently asked to adapt a change of scale. In this case, the synthesis protocols are revised and optimized to take into account the modification of the equipment, the synthesis conditions (concentration, addition and reaction times, shear force, viscosity...).

For any request, we guarantee a delivery in the shortest possible time from kilogram to ton/day. Depending on the project, we adapt our production tool with mixing reactors from 50 to more than 1000 L.

An ISO 9001 certified production site


Our expertise and our quality approach allow us to meet the requirements of production in environments with strong security and/or regulatory constraints. We operate both nationally and internationally for all types of industry.

Each manufacturing batch is traced and accompanied by a performance certificate. Any deviation is listed, analyzed and corrected in accordance with our continuous improvement policy.

Each time the synthesis protocol and/or the sourcing of a reagent is modified, the validation plan of the procedures is revised by our quality manager, then validated to ensure recurrent production.