Create smart packaging

Inform on the status of a product in live

OliKrom is the specialist in smart color change materials. We are convinced that in the near future, packaging will be intelligent, able to monitor the condition and quality of a product and inform the consumer directly.

There is no need to use digital technology: a smart ink will react autonomously according to temperature or light to create intelligent indicators of conformity, expiry, good use...

Control the condition and quality of a product during storage and transportation

The numerous food poisoning or product recalls of the last few years have highlighted quality issues and cold chain breaks. The use of "smart packaging" is becoming an imperative for quality control, especially for local authorities when providing schools, for example, but also to reassure the consumer. Not to mention the fight against food waste and losses resulting, among other things, from inefficient packaging worldwide.

These developments in "smart packaging" are also of interest to the pharmaceutical sector where, once again, the quality of a drug or vaccine is essential before it can be used.

Addressing the consumer directly is one of the major challenges of our time. Do you want to develop a "smart packaging" solution?

Our color change inks and paints

Create an indicator of conservation


Knowledge of the thermo-stability of a vaccine or food is essential to ensure its proper consumption and even its safety and efficacy.

As a leader in smart materials, we have a perfect command of the world of thermochromic pigments, capable of changing color with temperature. Depending on the need, we produce thermochromic inks and coatings with reversible, irreversible or memory effects.

For example, it is possible to create an intelligent indicator to track the exposure of a vaccine to temperatures above +8°C. In this case, our teams create and produce a thermochromic ink that is placed on the packaging to inform the customer, by a simple change of color, that the temperature is exceeded.

Everything happens in the ink setting. It is a process that does not require any electricity. The color change only occurs when the defined threshold is crossed.

The application on packaging is simple and can be generalized to track the thermo-stability of a product on an individual scale at a low cost.

Create a good consumption indicator


Our expertise in the field of color intelligence allows us to produce thermochromic inks and varnishes with reversible color change.

Your packaging will thus change color with temperature to attract attention, interact with the consumer, and bring him an element of comfort in his consumption.

Some examples of applications:

  • on bottles containing a drink, to indicate if it is cool enough to be consumed (wine, champagne...),
  • on packaging (pizza boxes, ready meals...) and labels (ready-to-eat sauces...) to indicate when the product has been sufficiently heated,
  • on kitchen utensils or childcare articles (coffee cups, water bottles, baby bottles, bathtubs...) to indicate that the content is too hot and thus alert the consumer to the danger of burning.


Check the sterilization of a product


We produce thermochromic inks that change color to indicate that the temperature threshold has been crossed during the sterilization process (steam, temperature, autoclave, gamma ray,...).

For example, when the temperature of the steam in a disinfection cabinet exceeds 120°C, the label made of our thermochromic ink changes color (for example from red to white), indicating if the sterilization process has reached its term.

Depending on the need, the color change can last a few minutes and return to its initial state, or become irreversible for a permanent marker.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to study your project. We have a wide range of colors (blue, red, yellow, green, black...), temperatures and deposition techniques (screen printing, flexography, pad printing, spray....).