Counterfeiting and authentication

Anti counterfeiting solutions

Discreetly, we put our 15 years of color intelligence expertise at your disposal to create new security keys and intelligent anti-counterfeiting technology to enhance product security.

Our teams are committed to research and development in order to fight against the ever more inventive counterfeiters.

Our objective: to guarantee the origin of your product and protect your brands.

Counterfeiting facilitated by the globalization of trade

Today, counterfeit affects all sectors (brands, goods, intellectual property) and all types of companies (states, countries, customs).

For several years, counterfeiting has been expanding rapidly, facilitated by the globalization of trade and the development of the Internet and online commerce. In France, customs seizures of counterfeit products have increased from 200,000 items intercepted in 1994 to 5.64 million in 2020.

To counter this threat and reassure the consumer, it is essential to reinforce the security of luxury products and brands, by making the work of counterfeiters more difficult.

One of our missions is to create intelligent tracers, anti-counterfeiting solutions that are more or less discreet depending on the level of security required.

You want to set up a new security key to reinforce your product and your brand against counterfeiting?

Creating innovative security keys to fight counterfeiting

Allow the consumer to easily verify the authenticity of a product


Faced with the multiplication of physical or digital points of sale, more and more consumers are questioning the authentication of brands and luxury items: watches, leather goods, wines and spirits... The doubt of buying a counterfeit product is a barrier to purchase for many consumers.

To meet this authentication need, we develop "public" security keys that allow end customers to authenticate their purchases themselves. Based on visual detection, the authentication control of a product is simple and fast, understandable by all, and can be done without additional tools.

We use intelligent color changing materials on a label to optimize this perception to the naked eye. We take into account the counterfeit product to be protected but also its direct environment. This imposes a choice of the means of activation (temperature, light...), and also an adjustment of the threshold of detection, the choice of colors, the shaping...

Create robust security keys for an expert audience


These protection keys on a label (inks, varnishes...) to fight against counterfeiting are intended for a professional public equipped with specific control equipment.

According to the requests and the sophisticated means to be set up, we intervene at various levels to identify the counterfeits. This leads us to the development of perceptible technologies with complementary tools using, for example, light (UV lamps...). In this field, all photochromic and luminescent technologies (fluorescence, phosphorescence...) offer multiple combinations to adjust the absorption and emission wavelengths on a product.

To fight against counterfeiting, we also participate in the research effort around more subtle and non-perceptible technologies that require laboratory equipment to be revealed. Their use for the protection of a brand's products is more restricted and is aimed at a public of experts (customs, controllers, etc.).


Our culture of confidentiality

Our culture of secrecy allows us to maximize the protection of our anti-counterfeiting solutions. A training plan is implemented to regularly raise awareness among our teams.

You will not find any data on our anti-counterfeiting technologies or description of our know-how and solutions, we voluntarily remain discreet about our offer.

Experts in color intelligence, we have been assisting our clients in France, Europe, the United States and Asia for more than 15 years in the definition of innovative and sustainable strategies to effectively fight against counterfeiting in complete discretion.