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26 April 2022

Corrosion, an economic and environmental issue An abysmal expense every year Corrosion represents about 3.5% of the world GDP per year. Based on this rate, 84 billion euros are lost each year in France. On … Read More

Revêtement thermochrome – OliKrom©
2 December 2021

In many industrial sectors, electronic equipment provides unparalleled precision. Today, their use is widespread. However, using electronics is not always the best solution for industrial safety. The use of thermochromic coatings is replacing thermo-sensors and/or thermometers: … Read More

10 September 2021

What is a photochromic material? A photochromic coating (from the Greek photôs light and chromos color) is, by definition, made of a pigment/colorant whose optical properties change according to the light. These photochromic materials belong … Read More

18 July 2021

Industrial Safety With over 500.000 reportable industrial facilities, France is one of the most densely industrialized European countries, particularly in the nuclear, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and phytosanitary fields. In view of their number and nature, … Read More

10 June 2021

Thermochromic Definition A thermochromic coating (from the Greek thermos for temperature and chromos for color) is, by definition, made of a pigment/colorant whose optical properties change according to temperature. The thermochromic material becomes reactive when … Read More

1 November 2020

“It is estimated that today in Europe, 30% of the bottles sold are falsified (in China, it is 3 out of 4 bottles).” Novice consumers are the first victims of the fraud of great counterfeit … Read More

28 June 2020

Infections contracted during a hospital stay, known as nosocomial, have been considered in France as a major public health problem since 1988. Faced with the need to react effectively, France has established mandatory bodies, the … Read More

28 August 2017

The market of personalization, the first attempts … In the article of the of 18th July 2017, V. Leboucq titled the “Personalization of mass“. “The oxymoron may surprise you. Customization refers to tailor-made and luxury, … Read More

10 April 2017

Sensitive, reactive, these so-called intelligent materials change and change color under the influence of heat, light or mechanical stimulation (stretching, impact). With the birth of SmartKrom® color-change materials, thermochromic (temperature-active), photochromic and photoluminescent (light-activated), piezochromic … Read More

10 June 2016

What are smart materials? A so-called “smart” material (pigment, ink, paint, coating…) is capable of spontaneously changing its physical properties (notably its shape, viscosity, color…) in response to natural or provoked excitations. These can come … Read More