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Innovative solutions for prevention and quality control

OliKrom at the service of companies in the agri-food sector

Today, the agri-food industry sector includes more than 15,000 companies in France generating a turnover of €200,000 million, the second highest turnover in Europe after Germany (source: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty - Panorama of the agri-food industries, 2022 edition).

Faced with this economic challenge, the security issues faced by professionals in the agri-food sector are growing. The pressure on environmental and societal aspects is growing, while reconciling the requirements of cost and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Control Critical Point) policy.

Necessity to increase the safety of the manufacturing steps

agro-food safety

The evolution of ISO standards applied in the food industry is real, all professionals must implement preventive measures to ensure the safety of food during the manufacturing and processing stages.

Sanitary safety is therefore becoming a major concern for all the actors of the agri-food value chain. The slightest mistake very quickly gives rise to a media frenzy, which is damaging for the sector and the industrialist involved.

The constraints are strong for this industry, especially with regard to quality control means that must be integrated into their environment and adapted to risk management processes.

If color change was a solution to improve food safety?

The idea is to "make the colors speak" to alert and inform of an anomaly. Indeed, the change of color of a coating, a sensor, a label is a phenomenon understandable by everyone. The operator or the camera on a production line can react to the slightest change in color of the "tracker"!

OliKrom has acquired unique expertise in this particular field, which combines "color" and "decision". We support many industrial players from start to finish, from the need to the deployment of prevention solutions, in an innovative approach by designing and producing adapted solutions, based on the intelligence of colors.

Our know-how is our ability to propose breakthrough materials, with color modulation in response to a physicochemical stimulus, in order to create communication channels with their environment.

Are you looking for an innovative solution?

We work with many companies to develop innovative technologies to enhance security.

The richness offered by smart materials allows the creation of any device that is reactive to temperature, light, pressure, solvent or gas.

Some application examples

Smart materials capable of changing color, like the chameleon, are real predictive aids for the control of food processes, in areas where it is complex, or even impossible, to install suitable metrological tools.


Creating a colored indicator to inform of a sudden pH variation

The first case is the use of a colored indicator for inform a sudden and anomalous pH variation in a tank of water, soft drink or alcoholic beverage. The challenge is take action as quickly as possible on the production line to limit the costs associated with waste treatment and production interruption. Innovative solutions is also an internal vector of continuous improvement. The company becomes a driving force by adapting its principles and daily business practices.


Signaling excessive humidity by a color change

Another example is to signal by color change the excessive presence of humidity, an uncontrolled temperature increase inside a grain silo. These measures of prevention and control of environments and premises can now be achieved by the deployment of color change indicators that combine technicality and ease of use.


Detecting the presence of bacteriological inputs

Another problem: the presence of bacteriological inputs on a production line (Salmonella strains ...). What do you think a bout integrate a colored tracer directly into the process to validate cleaning or disinfection work and thus guarantee a state of hygiene with the regulations in industry?

Integrate tools to manage the risk of food contamination

The smart packaging

OliKrom's innovative solutions will revolutionize the packaging of tomorrow: packaging will become intelligent. The challenge is to develop packaging and packaging units:


The flake appears when the bottle is at the right temperature for consumption - Thermochromic technology - Credit ©OliKrom

  • In addition to the information provided by the use-by date, the deployment of time-temperature indicators (TTI) will provide a visual and educational warning of the end of the possible shelf life of food products,
  • Creation of adjustable bar codes (with the appearance or disappearance) can help secure the cold chain. The technologies around thermochromism offer the capacity to indicate with an irreversible change of color the exceeding of a limit temperature, to guarantee the salubrity and the organoleptic properties of the product,
  • Chemochromic (variation of color under the effect of a gas) opens the field of possibilities to smart materials regulated, calibrated, informing of a degradation or a perforation of their packaging causing an alteration of the product.

For all the players in the food industry, we develop smart coatings that allow you to reinforce traceability, alert you to dangers, and secure production.

Make viable the life cycle of finished products

As an industrial player, OliKrom is committed to the sustainability of the entire life cycle of finished products. We also work alongside manufacturers to develop a custom formula to replace components with a high impact on health (CMR agents) or the environment (heavy metals, etc.).

We also secure the quality of your products, make the sourcing of raw materials reliable (origin, supplies, quality control, availability times) through the key stages of production and storage.


Do you have a risk prevention project?

Do you have a project that focuses on food hygiene and safety, risk prevention, product improvement and color intelligence?