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15 May 2021

Innovation: the start-up OliKrom invents a road paint that lights up at night A French start-up has developed an interesting idea: a phosphorescent paint shining in the night. Already tested in real conditions on a … Read More

14 May 2021

Expert in color intelligence, the company OliKrom has been designing innovative, custom-built pigments for more than 6 years … Expert in color intelligence, OliKrom has been designing innovative pigments for more than 6 years, custom-built … Read More

Jean-François Létard – OliKrom©
1 May 2021

Bordeaux-based company OliKrom manufactures a photoluminescent paint that captures and stores sunlight or headlight light and glows in the dark. Jean-François LETARD explains 15 years of research at the CNRS. OliKrom, expert in Color Intelligence, … Read More

17 March 2021

Neo Aquitains 2020 Economy Prize in Gironde: OliKrom, a start-up in full light Sud-Ouest Gironde Bordeaux By Olivier Delhoumeau Posted on 03/15/2021 at 5:32 pm Jean-François Létard, fondateur d’OliKrom, lors de la remise des Prix … Read More

Prix environnement OliKrom – OliKrom©
14 October 2020

Environment Award: The OliKrom company Patrice Cauvet, Director General of CIC Sud-Ouest, presented the Environment Prize to Jean-François Létard, President and Founder of Olikrom (credits: Agence Appa). The OliKrom company combines innovations and ecological transition. … Read More

3 September 2020

INNOVATION: OliKrom deploys its LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint to secure night mobility LuminoKrom technology, developed by the company OliKrom from Pessac (Gironde) allows this photoluminescent paint to reflect light at night and thus illuminate cycle paths … Read More

5 June 2020

The OliKrom company is one of the 12 French companies with major innovations according to INPI France It is a reward for all the doctors, engineers and chemical technicians of OliKrom who place innovation at … Read More

22 October 2019

Smart Camouflage … The Latest Breakthroughs in Science The army and the French DGA are interested in intelligent pigments manufactured by the Bordeaux company OliKrom. These substances, which can be incorporated into a paint or … Read More

14 October 2019

OliKrom (Deep Tech of Nouvelle-Aquitaine) was selected to join the innovation area of ​​the Forum Entreprises Défense 2019 and participate in the start-up pitch competitions. OliKrom presented at FED 2019 these innovations around color intelligence, … Read More

3 September 2019

The LuminoKrom innovation was distinguished by the Roads and Streets Innovation Committee as part of the 2019 edition of the “Roads and Streets” call for innovative projects. OLIKROM – Luminokrom Vision photoluminescent marking LuminoKrom® photoluminescent … Read More

2 July 2019

OliKrom presents the LuminoKrom luminescent road innovation developed in partnership with the Eiffage group By Raphaëlle Duchemin At 1 p.m., in “La France bouge”, Raphaëlle Duchemin and the editorial staff of Europe 1 tour France … Read More

20 June 2019

OliKrom, Jean-François Létard presents his innovation “The intelligent and luminescent paint LuminoKrom” BOURSORAMA / TV FINANCE•20/06/2019 à 08:50 Jean-François Letard, president of OliKrom presents the company he founded in 2014. This CNRS researcher has developed … Read More