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In the same vein as previous editions, the organizers of SOFINS have brought together on the Souge Camp (33) the military corps of Special Forces and innovative companies in the military field to discuss innovations and needs expected in the various theaters of operation.

For OliKrom, this is the ideal event to meet the Defense sector.

Meeting between the industry and the Special Forces

Under the aegis of the Cercle de l'Arbalète, this event is the meeting point of the high-tech industry with the Special Forces.

The purpose of these meetings is to align innovation and field constraints to propose solutions adapted to the needs of operations.


Making color speak, making visible or invisible

Over the years, the OliKrom team has developed a unique expertise in color intelligence: the ability to use color change to detect, track and signal an event by day or night.

Whatever the universe (human or camera vision), adaptive camouflage (chameleon effect) integrated into a textile, on a vehicle, or even in other spectral ranges such as infrared (indiscernible for Lidar/Radar devices), is a major issue of visibility and invisibility.

The advantages of pigments and materials with color change are by definition numerous in this demanding world of security.

LuminoKrom®, the photoluminescent paint that glows at night


LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking is also of great interest in the world of defense. This paint has the ability to capture light during the day and emit a luminosity at night for more than 10 hours without any electricity consumption.

Many contacts were made during the show to deploy this marking on military sites in order to secure night traffic, to visualize equipment and infrastructure in case of power cuts on operational bases abroad.

The paint is now available in 10kg or 20kg cans, also in aerosol cans to facilitate its transport and application, in all operational configurations.

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