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We are extremely proud to announce that our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint has been selected by ADEME to be exhibited at the Grand Défi Ecologique in Le Havre from 3 to 8 April 2024. Our luminescent marking was chosen from among all the innovation projects selected as part of the prestigious France 2030 Programme. This recognition marks a significant step forward in our quest for innovation and our commitment to sustainable development.


LuminoKrom®, one of the 7 winners of the France 2030 programme selected by ADEME

Luminokrom peinture lauréate France 2030


Our LuminoKrom® luminescent technology was carefully selected by ADEME from among the many winners of the France 2030 national programme, in all categories. It is therefore one of the 7 projects chosen by the Agency in charge of the ecological transition.

The entire OliKrom team is delighted with this decision. This distinction is not just an honour. It is proof of the effectiveness and relevance of our photoluminescent technology in contributing to a safer and more sustainable road future. It is a validation of our relentless efforts in research and development, and a testament to the exceptional quality of the innovations we offer.

Our selection by ADEME is not only recognition of our past work, it is also an encouragement to continue along this path. At OliKrom, we are convinced that innovation is the key to meeting tomorrow’s challenges.


Participation in the Le Grand Défi Ecologique event

This recognition and support from ADEME has enabled us to take part in the 2024 edition of the Grand Défi Ecologique Citoyen organised by ADEME.

The event aims to mobilise citizens, businesses, local authorities and other stakeholders to accelerate the ecological transition in France. The main objective of this challenge is to promote concrete and measurable actions that contribute to reducing the ecological footprint and to sustainable development.

Our participation in Le Grand Défi Écologique marks a significant turning point for our company. Selected by ADEME for our commitment to sustainable technologies, this event represents an exceptional opportunity to showcase our innovative project in front of a varied audience, including the general public and local authorities.


OliKrom: from innovation to local implementation

At OliKrom, the Mobility Division‘s mission goes beyond simply creating innovative products. We are committed to transforming these innovations into concrete solutions that will benefit tomorrow’s town and country planning and the environment. Our LuminoKrom® technology is a perfect example of this. Designed to improve the visibility and safety of mobility at night, it illustrates our ability to respond to societal challenges through innovation.

Our unique expertise in the chemistry of intelligent colour-change materials has enabled us to develop photoluminescent paints that absorb light during the day and release it at night, giving users better visibility in the dark. This technology is not limited to a product; it represents a global approach aimed at improving the quality of urban life and enhancing the safety of users of soft mobility.


Luminokrom, peinture lauréate projet d'innovation


Recognition by ADEME underlines our pioneering role in the intelligent materials sector and our significant contribution to territorial innovation in France. This selection is the fruit of our close collaboration with local authorities, businesses and citizens, with the aim of creating safer public spaces after dark.

As a winner of the France 2030 innovation projects, OliKrom is committed to continuing its efforts in sustainable innovation. We will continue to work hand in hand with our partners in France and abroad to deploy LuminoKrom® in new territories, helping to build a future where safety and innovation are at the service of tomorrow’s infrastructures.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners and local authorities to implement our beaconing solution, which contributes to the territorial safety of night-time mobility.