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The permanent commission of the Region, which met on Monday, March 13, 2023, has just granted its support to the project called “DANCO” carried by the companies OliKrom, SECO and THALES DMS.

This project provides an innovative solution to make visible the anti-corrosion treatments of aluminum alloys, a revolution for the aerospace industry.


Chromium 6 substitution: a major industrial challenge for the aerospace industry

Today, the aerospace industry is facing a major challenge. The adoption of the REACH regulation at the end of 2006 has led to the progressive elimination of hexavalent chromium (or chromium 6) used in the anti-corrosion treatment of aluminum alloys. This element is classified as carcinogenic and dangerous for the environment.

New treatments based on trivalent chromium exist and have shown their effectiveness. However, they are almost colorless and therefore difficult to detect once applied to the aluminum part, which leads to problems well known in the aerospace industry, related to control, traceability and quality.

Several attempts have been made in recent years to overcome this difficulty, but without any convincing success until now.


A material with enhanced performance to make the invisible visible

polycarbonate card

To meet this challenge, a proof of concept (a demonstration of feasibility) was carried out by OliKrom with THALES DMS (Gironde) to develop a colored additive that allows the presence of an anti-corrosion treatment to be visually detected on the aluminum part while maintaining the initial properties and performance.

The objective of the collaborative project DANCO (Detection of the application of an ANtiCOrrosion surface treatment) is to bring this new product to the market. The aim is to finalize the development and industrialization of the solution in the form of an additive for the immersion treatment of aluminum parts and a local application method “pen” to carry out touch-ups, rework or repairs.

In this program, OliKrom is responsible for the design, formulation and industrial production of the intelligent solution.


Innovative technology for the environmental transition

Since the company’s creation in 2014, OliKrom has placed ecological innovation at the heart of its strategy.

The company develops smart technologies to serve the environmental transition to support the eco-innovation strategy of many manufacturers.

With this new disruptive solution, OliKrom intends to participate in the emergence of future-oriented innovations that must be safer, more economical and eco-sustainable.

Having developed LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road marking for road safety, other materials for health and cosmetics, and other products for industrial safety and anti-counterfeiting, OliKrom is positioning itself as a player committed to the development of new disruptive technologies for the society and city of tomorrow.

A tripartite consortium supported by the Conseil Régional de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The DANCO project has been supported by the companies OliKrom, SECO and THALES DMS.

Given the stakes for the industry and the relevance of the solutions provided, the project has also been labeled by the competitiveness clusteŕ Aerospace Valley, and has received letters of support from SAFRAN, DASSAULT Aviation, ARIANE Group and LATECOERE.

By providing its support to the DANCO project today, the New Aquitaine Region is in line with this approach and is giving a major technological and scientific lead to the Aeronautics and Space sector.