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On July 17, we were delighted to welcome Thomas Cazenave, former Member of Parliament for the Gironde 1st constituency, who has since been appointed France’s Minister Delegate for Public Accounts. Here’s a look back at the meeting and the day’s exchanges.


Rencontre avec Thomas Cazenave


An inspiring meeting to discuss tomorrow’s developments

OliKrom recently had the honor of welcoming Thomas Cazenave, former Bordeaux city councilor and now minister, for a meeting that promises to open up exciting new prospects. He expressed great interest in our business and stressed the importance of supporting local companies that contribute to job creation and economic development in the region.


During this visit, Mr. Cazenave was able to discover our head office, as well as our production plant based in Pessac.

Having played a key role in the management of the city of Bordeaux, he brings a unique perspective on the needs of our local community, as well as being a passionate advocate of innovation and sustainable economic development.


The need for innovation in territorial and industrial planning

The day also provided an opportunity for enriching exchanges between Thomas Cazenave and our company director Jean-François Létard, on the initiative of Gilles Beaufranc.

During their discussions, our CEO shared OliKrom’s vision of intelligent pigments, materials capable of changing color in response to various stimuli. These revolutionary innovations have already found their way into many industrial sectors, from aeronautics and construction to health and road safety. The possibilities seem limitless, and OliKrom is determined to remain at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology.

Thanks to this moment of exchange, he was able to measure the importance of intelligent materials in the industrial environment, particularly in terms of plant and employee safety.



The Importance of Color Intelligence in Industry

Color intelligence is a fast-growing field of research, offering unprecedented opportunities for industry. At OliKrom, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, creating intelligent pigments that react to variations in temperature, pressure or the presence of specific gases.

But why is this so important in the industrial universe?


Firstly, color intelligence enables real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and material performance. In aviation, for example, our intelligent pigments can indicate whether a structure is damaged by micro-cracks invisible to the naked eye, thus improving flight safety. In the automotive industry, they can signal temperature variations in the engine, enabling preventive maintenance.


In the field of safety and signage, intelligent pigments can change state in response to a lack of light, improving user safety by creating a luminous guide. Such is the case with our LuminoKrom® range of photoluminescent road paints.


Signalétique lumineuse de nuit pour sécurité des pistes cyclables


Color intelligence is a rapidly expanding field, offering extraordinary opportunities for the industry. Thomas Cazenave’s arrival at OliKrom demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of these technological advances, while strengthening our relationship with the local community. By joining forces, we believe we can create a safer, more innovative future for everyone.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our innovations, such as our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road markings, which are being rolled out across France and beyond!