Piezochromism, use cases

Piezochromic materials
Our fields of application

OliKrom works in all sectors of activity to design and produce high value-added piezochromic inks and paints. For all of these fields, one of our missions is to ensure the recurrent and reliable production of piezochromic solutions. Another challenge is to develop the optimal solution in a context of industrial safety and/or strong regulatory constraints. Each production is accompanied by a performance certificate co-constructed with our industrial partner.  

In the aeronautics, space and defense fields, the use of piezochromic coatings makes it possible, for example, to control the health of composite structures and the risk of delamination inherent in an impact. 

In the field of industrial maintenance (energy, petrochemical, nuclear,…), piezochromic materials allow a visual control of potential shocks or deformations of industrial parts. Non-destructive testing (NDT) by visual detection indicated by a change of color can be used in all industrial sectors, including: the oil industry (pipelines, tubes, bars, welds, tanks); the shipbuilding industry (control of hulls); aeronautics (beams, aircraft wings, many engine parts, landing gear, etc.. ); aerospace and military; automotive industry (engine block control); steel industry; boiler making and piping in manufacturing; energy industry: nuclear reactors, boilers, piping, turbines, etc. (maintenance of installations); railways in manufacturing and maintenance, especially for safety components (axles, wheels, bogies); food inspection; civil engineering and construction, etc.

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