Article La Tribune – Startups: the top 10 fundraisers in 2018 in Bordeaux and its region

The startup Olikrom raises € 4.5 million to accelerate its industrialization

Developing a disruptive technology is not easy, but it is the goal of the OliKrom startup, based in Pessac. She has developed intelligent pigments capable of changing colors in the event of changes in light, temperature or pressure, paving the way for multiple applications. OliKrom, which has been profitable since its inception, nevertheless raised € 4.5 million in June to accelerate its industrial development. This allowed him to recruit, to acquire a new headquarters, an R & D laboratory and a pilot unit and to inaugurate in October the first luminescent cycle track in France, in Pessac.

The fundraising dynamic is accelerating in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

It is the Rochelais Sellsy who signed the most important fundraising of the region in 2018 with 7 M €. Startups Blue Vallet (€ 6m) and Poietis (€ 5m) complete the podium. In total, the ten largest fundraisers of the year in New Aquitaine totaled nearly € 42 million, 30% less than the € 60 million raised in 2017.

Based in La Rochelle, the Sellsy company raised € 7 million in early 2018. (Credits: Sellsy)

Based in La Rochelle, the Sellsy company raised € 7 million in early 2018. (Credits: Sellsy)

Business services, mobility, biotech, collaborative economy, healthcare or furniture: the field of activity of startups who have managed to convince investors of significant amounts in 2018 is very varied. With close to € 42 million, the total of these ten fundraisings is however significantly lower than the previous year, which was close to € 60 million, thanks in particular to the podium made up of Fermentalg (€ 12.6 million), Sunna Design. (€ 7 million) and Amplitude Systèmes (€ 7 million).

Sellsy : 7 M€

Based in La Rochelle since its creation in 2009, Sellsy specializes in business management software and especially customer relations. The company raised € 7 million in early 2018 to accelerate its development. It closed the year on a turnover of 4.5 M € with 70 employees against 50 a year earlier. Its customer portfolio now includes 3,800 references and Sellsy plans to recruit 6 additional developers in 2019. 15% of the turnover comes from the United Kingdom and the company intends to strengthen it while developing in Germany and Spain.

Blue Valet : 6 M€

Valet parking and parking for travelers at railway stations and airports is growing and has just raised € 6 million to deploy in Europe. Founded in 2015 in Mérignac by the brothers Hugo and Benoît Ricard, Blue Valet has already established itself in 25 airports and stations in France and Belgium and has 600 client companies. The startup, which employs a hundred people, is targeting a presence in 15 countries by 2021.

Poietis : 5 M€

Poietis, which specializes in the bio-printing of organic fabrics, settled in Pessac and made a € 5 million round of financing last spring, including € 1.1 million from crowdfunding. Objective: “to make its 4D bio-printing platform of biological tissues compatible with the regulatory requirements and good manufacturing practices of advanced therapy medicines”. Since then, Poietis has joined the accelerator UpGrade, Bordeaux Unitec, and entered into a multi-year scientific partnership with the laboratory Serviersur the production of liver tissue by bio-printing.

Loisirs Enchères : 4 M€

It is to deploy at the national level by girdling the territory that Loisirs Enchères proceeded last November to a tour de table of 4 M €. The start-up Bordeaux, specializing in the reservation of leisure and vacation auctioned, announces thirty recruitments by the end of 2019. It claims 650,000 members and 1,200 partners on its platform launched in 2014. : 3,5 M€

Already present in the top 10 largest fundraisers in 2017 for a tour de table of € 2 million, the platform for consulting and selling savings products online, based in Bordeaux and Paris, realized a second round of € 3.5 million at the beginning of December. Its objectives: to stay ahead of the curve, push behavioral finance research and remove barriers through artificial intelligence as a decision aid.

Oncrawl : 3,5 M€

The Bordeaux publisher of SEO software (optimization of websites to improve their audience) OnCrawl completed last May a round of € 3.5 million. The company born in 2013 believes it has a great card to play, especially in the US market, and strongly recruits. It boasts more than 800 customers in more than 60 countries.

Geev : 3 M€

Geev is an application of classifieds of gift and recovery of objects between individuals. Launched in March 2017, it proceeded one year later to a fundraising of 3 M €. Located in Bordeaux, the startup employs about fifteen people and is present in France and Canada. Its business model is based on advertising and paid services offered in addition to the free features of the application.

Invivox : 2,8 M€

After an initial fundraising of € 1.2 million in 2016, Invivox proceeded to a second round of funding of € 2.8 million in June 2018. The startup Bordeaux, founded in 2015, develops a platform linking Doctors around the world who travel to their colleagues to discover a new surgical technique or a new therapeutic approach. It boasts more than 1,400 trainers in a dozen medical specialties.

Life Design Sonore : 2,3 M€

Transform furniture into speakers via vibration and without the slightest yarn: this is what Life Design’s patented New’ee technology allows. The sound design agency, based in Limoges and employing some 20 employees, raised € 2.3 million last spring to move up a gear and in particular strengthen its marketing development.

They also raised funds in 2018…

This top 10 includes only startups that have officially communicated on their operations. It should not overshadow other young shoots having carried out lower but nevertheless significant fundraising such as Lyspackaging (biodegradable bottles, 2.2 M €), Dronisos (drones, 2 M €), Hubstairs (interior design , € 2 million), Qucit (optimization of urban services, € 1.7 million), Base (energy, € 1.5 million), Febus Optics (optical fiber, € 1.2 million), Yuto (mobile CRM, 1 , € 2 million), Akewatu (boardsports, € 1 million), Implanet (medical implants, € 1 million) and Moon Harbor (whiskey, € 1 million).

In addition, we chose not to include in this ranking the startup Habx, active in Bordeaux in the field of new real estate and founded by the Bordeaux Benjamin Delaux in 2016 but whose headquarters are located in Paris. Habx raised € 10 million in February 2018.