Photochromism, use cases

Photochromic materials
Our fields of application

OliKrom is a manufacturer of industrial photochromic pigments. We produce photosensitive inks, paints, varnishes and photochromic resins that change color with light. We intervene in all sectors of activity. For all these fields, one of our missions is to ensure the recurrent and reliable production of photochromic solutions. Another challenge is to develop the optimal solution in a context of industrial safety and/or strong regulatory constraints. Each production is accompanied by a performance certificate co-constructed with our industrial partner.  

In the aeronautics, space and defense fields, the use of photochromic coatings allows the creation of future intelligent coatings, interactive with their environment (laser aggression, camouflage, etc.). 

In the industrial field, the use of irreversible photochromic materials allows by laser treatment the tattooing of parts (authentication, fight against counterfeiting, personalization of an object,…). Compared to laser ablation, this approach has the advantage of modulating the color according to the energy for the same photochromic paint or photochromic ink. Reversible photochromic materials can be used as sensors, in particular to inform of repeated or prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.

In the field of ophthalmology, the uses of photochromic coatings are mineral or organic photochromic lenses, which darken under ultraviolet light. For the mineral photochromic glasses, they usually integrate in their structure a silver halide compound (silver chloride, silver bromide…). Under UV exposure, the silver-halide bonds break and the silver atoms associate with each other, which darkens the glass. The silver-halide bonds are reconstituted as soon as the UV exposure stops, restoring the clarity of the lens. For organic photochromic lenses, they are usually coated with a layer of oxazines. The bonds in the molecules break under UV light and the lens darkens. The bonds are reconstituted when the UV has disappeared, giving the glass back its clarity.

Other uses involve our productions, particularly in the field of intelligent packaging, such as labels on games, fun objects, etc. 

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