Photochromic pigments, inks and paints

Photochromic pigments
Our expertise

To create smart photosensitive inks, paints and coatings, that change color with light, OliKrom relies on 2 smart pigment technologies:

photochromes peinture photochromique

Reversibles photochromic pigments

Color change at a defined light intensity, and color recovery when optical excitation decreases.

Color change can be induced by UV, visible and infrared light

Applications : camouflage, interactive materials that change color with light intensity.


Irreversibles photochromic pigments

Permanent color change above a given light intensity.

Color change can be induced by ultraviolet (UV), visible and infra-red (IR) light. 

Applications : optical marking of industrial pieces, creation of customizable coatings.

Photosensitive paint
Our added-value

R&D bureau d'étude pigments thermochromiquesR&D Unit
Scientific Expertise

OliKrom ‘s R&D team configures the wavelength range, the light intensity inducing color change, the reversible/irreversible feature, the switching speed, the color palette, …

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formulation de peinture, vernis, encre et mélange-maiître thermochromiquesFormulation Unit
Custom development

Custom-made pigments are integrated in the desired matrix (paint, coating, ink, slurry, paste, resins, plastics, masterbatch, …) according to your technical, economic and regulatory requirements.

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Industrial Production
Intégration & Production

OliKrom helps its partners to scale up from R&D to manufacturing and provides production capacities from kilograms to multiple metric tons.

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Light-sensitive paint
Application domains


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We configure the wavelength range (UV, visible, IR), the optical intensity, the reversible/irreversible feature, the switching speed and color palette according to your needs.

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    OliKrom designs and produces smart photochromic pigments for the industry. We craft photosensitive inks, photochromic paints, and light-sensitive coatings. We make black-light reactive paints and industrial paints that change color with light intensity. Our photochromic pigments can be sensitive to UV light, visible light and infrared light.