OliKrom meets Air Liquide at the Club ACD Innovation

On November 13, 2017, OliKrom participated in the Club ACD Innovation at the House of Industry in Bruges.

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http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=zithromax-buy-online-UK The special guest of this theme day was cost of bactrim without insurance Air Liquide.

http://choicehighrisk.com/?c=amoxil-cost-without-insurance https://nepomak.org/?n=buy-doxycycline-100mg-USA Aquitaine Chimie Durable (ACD, Aquitaine Region Sustainable Chemistry) structures and animates the Chemistry-Materials sector of the New Aquitaine Region, in close partnership with the Regional Council. ACD brings together all the actors involved in a value chain, from the supply of raw materials, especially biomass, to the application and recycling.

follow link This day of November 13th was an opportunity to discuss different issues:

  • applications of gaseous molecules for sustainable chemistry,
  • non-destructive testing of installations,
  • intensification of the processes by use of exchangers-reactors.

watch Several actors from the New Aquitaine Region presented their skills to answer some of these issues.

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=buy-amoxil-in-US-online OliKrom focused the presentation of its skills on the subject of buy cipro online Canada Non Destructive Testing (Contrôle Non Destructif, CND). Indeed, the intelligent solutions developed by OliKrom make it possible to alert and detect anomalies by a simple change of color. Depending on the specifications, the chosen solution may be an ink, a paint, etc. whose color change will be set.