OliKrom, winner of the FED 2019 start-up pitches!

OliKrom (Deep Tech of Nouvelle-Aquitaine) has been selected to join the innovation space of the Forum Entreprises Défense (FED) 2019 and participate in the Pitchs contest of start-ups.

OliKrom presented to FED 2019 these innovations around Smart Color, namely how to control the color change according to an external stimulus (like temperature, light, pressure, gas, solvent, ….) and the development LuminoKrom’s latest paint in the field of road marking that captures daylight and restores it at night without any electricity consumption or CO2 emissions.

The jury, composed of Emmanuel Chiva (Director of the Innovation Defense Agency), Thierry Azerot (President of the Support and Services Commission of GICAT & Nexter’s Strategy Manager) and the head of the 13th BSMAT Stéphane Gauthier, rewarded OliKrom for its innovation and the quality of its pitch.

The opportunities to master the intelligence of colors to alert, stalk, camouflage … were presented to Geneviève Darrieussecq, Secretary of State to the Minister of Armies and Stéphane Mayer, CEO of Nexter.

Many exchanges took place during this event, showcase of the Maintenance in Terrestrial Operating Conditions (MCO-T) which brings together all the actors of the military maintenance.

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