Press releases

28 September 2018

The result of a long-term work to identify companies, the winners for the Grand Sud region was unveiled on September 27 in Toulouse. Bringing together Occitania and New Aquitaine, the Greater South Region for the … Read More

6 September 2018

Deeptechs or start-ups of breakthrough innovation are attracting more and more investors, whether they are developing a new technique for fighting cancer, mitigating climate change or wanting to revolutionize education. But France has many assets … Read More

10 August 2018

The expert in color intelligence, the Bordeaux start-up Olikrom announces having raised 4.5 M € to accelerate its industrial development. This lifting is a new step for OliKrom, which is initiating the pre-industrialization of its … Read More

2 July 2018

The SME from Gironde specialized in intelligent pigments, reacting to temperature, light or pressure, raised 4.5 million euros, last mid-June. The French funds Starquest Capital and Social Family, Bpifrance, the Banque Populaire Aquitaine Center Atlantique … Read More

13 June 2018

INNOVATION: The start-up OliKrom, located in Pessac, has just raised 4.5 million euros and aims to cross an industrial milestone …   OliKrom designs pigments (inks, paints) that change color according to their environment. Industrial … Read More

13 June 2018

The start-up specializing in the production of smart pigments for the industry has just completed a second fundraising. These 4.5 million euros will finance the new Olikrom site in Pessac (Gironde). It will host the … Read More

12 June 2018

A member of the deeptech trend, Olikrom announces that it has completed a € 4.5m fundraising campaign to begin the industrialization of its inks and smart paints. The young startup of Pessac is at the … Read More

12 June 2018

This Pessac start-up, ranked among the 9 global players in smart materials, has taken a decisive step towards industrialization by raising 4.5 million euros to build its plant. “This tour de table will allow us … Read More

30 April 2018

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has created an accelerator dedicated to fast-growing start-up companies with an international potential. From insects to cybersecurity or intelligent pigments. It is both the birth certificate of Up Grade and the presentation … Read More

24 April 2018

Regional Accelerator: who are the winning startups of the 1st promotion ? The new acceleration program founded by the New Aquitaine Region, called Up Grade, unveiled on Monday evening the names of the 5 high-potential … Read More

10 April 2018

Car manufacturers are not the only ones to invent the future. Eiffage, Colas or Vinci are revolutionizing the bitumen. On that morning, the inhabitants of Tourouvre-au-Perche, in Normandy, witness a strange ballet: about ten Koreans … Read More

1 February 2018

Interview “Do not rush to start your business, it’s crucial” Interview with Jean-François Létard, President of OliKrom A plant in Pessac expected to come into production at the end of the first half of the … Read More