Capital : The 25 business owners who make Bordeaux and its region move

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Innovation and internationalization are the driving forces behind these companies, which boost the local economy by investing and recruiting talent throughout the region

Jean-François Létard, founder of OliKrom

Imagine a road with road markings that light up at night, a metal part or an engine that changes color when it overheats... This chemical researcher, who has developed a revolutionary pigment capable of changing color according to variations in temperature, light or pressure, is full of ideas.

The big industrialists love it. "In two years, we have signed more than 70 partnerships with groups such as Eiffage, Safran and Airbus, to develop products incorporating our intelligent pigments on a white label basis," explains Jean-François Létard, who receives requests from all over the world. International sales already account for 50% of the company's business.

As a result, the company has been profitable since the first year and regularly recruits new talent.


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