Our Values

Since its creation, OliKrom has been earning the trust of its customers by providing innovative solutions based on the intelligence of colors. Beyond the strategic choices which have marked our development, we believe that our human values, our commitment and loyalty in customer relationship, contribute to the sustainability and success of our company. We make a point of sharing with our employees essential qualities at work: discipline, agility, reactivity. In an SME like ours, success relies team, gathering skills and motivation!

The OliKrom company, the collective adventure of a team – OliKrom©

The OliKrom company, the collective adventure of a team – OliKrom©

On a daily basis, OliKrom cultivates audacity and develops the values of caring, responsibility, diversity, innovation, customer satisfaction.


Transparency, sincerity and openness to dialogue characterize the OliKrom communication policy. The management team is committed to providing reliable and relevant information for assessing objectively the company’s performance in its areas of economic and social responsibility.

– Benevolence is to put people at the heart of the environment and labor relations for even more usability in everyday life.
– It is encouraging sharing, listening and constructive accessibility among employees …
– This is develop empathy for support in case of temporary difficulties …
– It is able to speak freely, with transparency and sincerity among its employees …


– Responsibility is knowing combine ambition and realism, by setting high and achievable goals to his teams.
– It is promoting the development of its employees and recognize the right to error, to pull from each experience new skills.
– This is an example in its management of daily actions.
– It’s making decisions by being aware of its responsibilities.
– This is driving the monitoring and compliance with commitments


– Diversity is multi ethnic and social backgrounds.
– It’s the employees of all ages.
– This is professional equality between men and women.
– It is the prevention of discrimination in all their forms.


Guarantee of performance and excellence for our customers, innovation is at the heart of our development model. The company has a duty to be directed towards the search for new solutions and willingness to anticipate, adapt to changes in our environment in the broadest sense, economic, ecological, societal.

– Boldness is always the desire to further push the limits, to refuse the status quo by a dynamic of continuous improvement
– This is knowledge beyond the scope being curious
– This is to encourage creativity and initiatives for better collective performance
– It’s cultivate the agility to quickly adapt to changes in our environment
– The audacity is simply dare!


Pledge of group development, its durability and therefore its ability to take versus its stakeholders, customer satisfaction mobilizes all resources and skills OliKrom.

– The customer culture is placing the sense of service at the center of our concerns, our businesses
– It’s being attentive to the needs of each client, internal and external, to tailor our offer with greater responsiveness
– This is fostering mutual knowledge between customers and suppliers and promote dialogue and listening
– It’s innovate to capture new markets
– This is to be the ambassador of our brands to promote their expansion.