Production Unit

Processus de Production de Pigments OliKromOliKrom’s production unit ensures the delivery of smart pigments respecting quality approach (color, size …) and regulation control (SDS, REACH …).

Depending on the application, OliKrom adapts its production facilities:

  • For “personalized” achievements into reactors from kilograms to hundreds of kilograms,
  • For production of pigments up to the ton.

Today OliKrom produces :

  • Pigments as dry powder for amounts ranging from kilogram per ton (on study),
  • Pigments in aqueous suspension (slurry) and / or emulsion into specific media (inks, resins, plastics, …),
  • Pigments with a wide choice of color change,
  • Pigments with reversible and / or irreversible color change,
  • Pigments with a particle size ranging from nanometer to micrometer,
  • Non-toxic pigments in accordance with the new requirements of legislation.

With its industry experience, the manufacturing unit OliKrom, located in Bordeaux (France), guarantees internationally delivery with promptitude and with a level of impeccable quality for all type of industries.

Production equipment

  • Reactors,
  • Press-filter,
  • Industrial stove,
  • Cyclone mill,…