Solvatochromic, Chemochromic: pigments, paints and industrial coatings

Solvatochromic and chemochromic pigments
Our expertise

OliKrom produces industrial paints and coatings that change color in the presence of a solvent (solvatochromism) or a gas (chemochromism):


Reversible or irreversible color change in the presence of water and / or solvent. Modulation of the sensitivity threshold.

Modulation of the luminescence property in the presence of water and / or solvent.

Applications: detection of a water leak and / or solvent, anti-fraud, industrial marking, etc.


Change of color under the influence of a gas.

OliKrom adapts the trigger point of the color change and the nature of the gas.

Applications: gas detection on industrial site, control marking for the storage of hazardous materials, etc.

Solventochromic and chemochromic pigments
Our added value

R&D bureau d'étude pigments thermochromiquesR&D Unit
Scientific Expertise

OliKrom has a R & D unit capable of customizing the chemical nature (solvent, gas) and the threshold inducing the color change, the reversible / irreversible nature, the switching speed, the choice of colors, …

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formulation de peinture, vernis, encre et mélange-maiître thermochromiquesFormulation Unit
Custom Development

We integrate the solvatochromic and chemochromic pigments into the desired matrix (paint, varnish, ink, resin, masterbatch, etc.) taking into account your technical, economic and regulatory constraints.

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Industrial Production
Intégration & Production

OliKrom supports its partners in the industrial integration phase of solvatochromic / chemochromic coatings and offers recurring production solutions from kilogram to ton.

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Solventochromic and chemochromic coatings
Application domains


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We adapt the detection threshold (humidity, solvents, gases …) necessary for the change of color, the reversible / irreversible nature, the speed of switching and the choice of colors according to your specifications .

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    OliKrom is a manufacturer of industrial solvatochromic and chemochromic pigments. We produce inks, paints, varnishes, resins that change color with a chemical substance (water, solvent, gas, …). Our solvatochromic coatings are sensitive to water and / or a solvent, reversibly or irreversibly depending on the specifications. Our chemochromic technologies change color depending on the nature of a gas and a programmed threshold. For example, we produce paints that are sensitive to moisture and that change color reversibly or irreversibly. The applications are numerous in the industrial field: for example for the detection of leakage of water and / or gas, for the control of transport and / or storage of certain hazardous materials.