Fluorescent and phosphorescent: pigment, ink, paint


Are you looking for a fluorescent or phosphorescent coating?

OliKrom with its team of photochemists has a recognized expertise in the field of luminescent materials.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of photophysics and master the most advanced concepts in materials science and thermodynamics to design and produce the various families of fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments.

The main families of luminescent pigments

Luminescence is the property of certain materials to absorb light and re-emit it in the form of longer wavelength radiation. We distinguish fluorescence, which stops as soon as the illumination stops, from phosphorescence, which persists.

The rapidity of fluorescence is due to a process of de-excitation between two states of the same multiplicity (ΔS=0) which respects the rules of selection of photon emission of quantum mechanics. At the molecular scale, the transition occurs between a singlet state S1 and the ground state S0 without a change in multiplicity.

Phosphorescence is a process of de-excitation between two states of different multiplicity which is not allowed by the quantum model, but which is made possible by the spin-orbit coupling. The transition is consequently slow to take place. In molecular chemistry, the phosphorescence process is generally encountered during the relaxation between an excited state T1 (triplet state) and the ground state S=0, involving a change of multiplicity.

Depending on the need, we design and produce coatings with optimal fluorescence and/or phosphorescence properties:

Encre et peinture photoluminescente

Fluorescent Pigments

Optimal formulation of fluorescent materials.

Adjustment of the fluorescence excitation wavelength in the ultraviolet, visible and/or infrared range. Optimization of the intensity at different colors (blue, green, yellow, red…)

Phosphorescent Pigments

Optimized formulation of phosphorescent coatings capable of reaching a luminescence of more than 10 hours! Adjustment of the excitation wavelength in the ultraviolet, visible and/or infrared range. Modulation of the Day/Night luminescence (blue, green, yellow, red…).

OliKrom, producer of fluorescent and phosphorescent materials

A unique know-how

Through experience, we know and avoid the pitfalls frequently encountered with luminescent materials: loss of fluorescence and phosphorescence efficiency, color shift during the day and/or night….

The luminescence of a material is characterized by several parameters :

  • the emission spectrum, variation of the intensity of the emitted light according to the wavelength (for a given excitation wavelength) ;
  • the luminescence efficiency which varies from 1 (all the absorbed photons are re-emitted) to 0 (the compound is not luminescent);
  • the luminescence lifetime, characteristic time of the emission of fluorescence and/or phosphorescence. Fluorescence emission follows an exponential probability law in exp (- t/τ), where τ is the lifetime. The order of magnitude of the lifetime of many fluorescent substances is the nanosecond (billionth of a second).

A luminescent product adapted to your needs

Depending on the industrial specifications, we are able to select the appropriate fluorescence/phosphorescence phenomenon as well as the nature of the organic, hybrid or inorganic pigments.

The expertise acquired in photophysics allows us to adjust the excitation and emission wavelengths, the luminescence quantum yield, the luminescence lifetime…

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Secure production of luminescent coatings

For all application fields, we ensure a recurrent and reliable production in the form of :

  • fluorescent and/or phosphorescent inks (UV, solvent) adapted to printing techniques (screen printing, pad printing, etc.)
  • fluorescent and/or phosphorescent paints (acrylic, polyurethane, …)
  • fluorescent and/or phosphorescent plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene, …)


Each production (inks, paints, masterbatches) is identified, traced and accompanied by a performance certificate co-constructed with our industrial partner.

Luminescent materials: some examples of applications

The phenomenon of fluorescence

Fluorescence is frequently used in our daily lives. For example, detergents contain “optical brighteners”, as does paper. These are compounds that emit blue light to compensate for yellowing and give a “whiter than white” impression.

There are also a multitude of “fluorescent” objects: markers, the famous “yellow vest” that every driver must have in his vehicle,… Banknotes are marked with compounds whose fluorescence can be caused by a small UV lamp.

Fluorescence is also an extremely sensitive analysis tool, used in particular by the scientific police. It can be used, for example, for the detection and dosage of pollutants (such as lead, cadmium, mercury), but also molecules of biological interest (such as glucose), gases (O2, CO2, NO…), traces of explosives…

Finally, fluorescence has many applications in the medical field. In addition to measuring the concentration of useful – or harmful – substances in blood or urine, fluorescence can be used as a diagnostic method for certain cancers (bladder, breast). Fluorescence is also used to visualize arteries and veins (angiography), in which a fluorescent compound is introduced.

The phenomenon of phosphorescence

The applications of phosphorescence with long duration of luminescence are today widely deployed in the interior signage of building, emergency exit, luminescent adhesive tape,…

In this field, we have deployed a patented LuminoKrom technology capable of emitting in the night +10 hours. For more information, please visit www.luminokrom.com

Scientific experts at your side

To accompany you “from the first idea to the final product”, the experts of our three departments are at your disposal at each stage of your project: research and development, pre-industrialization and industrialization.

R&D bureau d'étude pigments thermochromiques

The Materials Department,
scientific excellence

This research and development unit develops the luminescent pigment adapted to your specifications: excitation and emission wavelengths, quantum efficiency, day/night color optimization, etc.

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formulation de peinture, vernis, encre et mélange-maiître thermochromiques

The Process Department,
the expertise of the formulation

This process unit is in charge of integrating the pigment into the desired matrix (ink, paint, etc.) while preserving the targeted luminescence property according to your technical, economic and regulatory constraints.

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Industrial production,
from the kilogram to the ton

This unit ensures the industrial production of fluorescent and/or phosphorescent inks and paints in compliance with OliKrom Inside quality requirements (ISO 9001 certification) and secure supplies.

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