Optimize a material, create new effects

High performance smart inks and paints

Are you looking for a material with flawless lightfastness, intense luminescence and a wide range of colors by day and night?

We put our 15 years of expertise in color intelligence at your disposal to create unique products together.

The requirement of quality in all circumstances

Our agility and our culture of innovation allow us to support the most daring developments. Our teams do not hesitate to take up the challenge of launching a collection in a few weeks.

Thanks to our unique know-how in color intelligence, we offer rare and high quality products and services. We master the most advanced concepts in photochemistry, thermodynamics, material sciences...

With a flawless rigor and the utmost discretion, we actively participate in optimizing the performance of a luminescent material (fluorescence, phosphorescence...) and/or of a color changing material and create new effects every day.

The expertise and thoroughness of the development process

Do you want to optimize a material?


Need to improve the lightfastness of a material or enhance its visibility? For each of these requests, our innovation and value creation process consists of identifying the "source cause" and deploying the appropriate strategy to develop an improved product.

  • To optimize the light fastness of a material (matrix), we will first study the degradation processes using our equipment: accelerated aging chambers, climatic chambers, etc. The analysis of these data will allow us to identify the solution. Then, we rethink the design of the material to optimize the new material: modify the pigment, propose a matrix and/or add additives to block the photodegradation process.
  • To enhance the luminescent properties of a material, we need to rethink the photochemical cascade involved during the excitation and relaxation processes. We adjust the respective positions of the various excited states to optimize the fluorescence and/or phosphorescence quantum yields as well as the day and night color rendering. This approach is performed at the pigment scale but also within the matrix for maximum optimization.

Do you want to create new effects?


Scientific innovation is at the heart of our strategy. Our Research Department is committed to creativity in order to create new effects every day: colors, luminescent, fluorescent, phosphorescent materials with reversible or irreversible effects...

Our unique expertise in smart color allows us to program the material on demand to make it sensitive to temperature, light (photochromes and luminescents), pressure, the presence of a solvent or gas. When designing the material, we adjust its reversibility, the switching speed, the threshold of change, the nature of the colors...

You have a project? Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you looking for scientific support?


To be at your side, we have created a department dedicated to consulting and technical assistance in the field of smart materials.

The arrival of this disruptive innovation in the industrial world requires the adaptation of production lines and the training of teams... We wanted to respond to this need to facilitate the appropriation of this new universe.

We are already working discreetly alongside some of the major players in the field, as a characterization center for photophysics of luminescent materials.

Secure a production

Are you using a smart material whose properties are not stable?

The expertise of our teams allows us to quickly take over the production of smart materials, to secure your deadlines and to guarantee the reliability of the quality and origin of the materials.