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The Deep Tech movement

Every week, Bpifrance chooses a word to highlight – because it is in the air of time, because it deserves an explanation, and, even more, because it is relevant to your business. Today, we’re looking at “Deep Tech”.

This expression refers to “Deep Tech” startups that offer products or services based on disruptive innovations. Their ambition? To tackle the major challenges of the 21st century: a new technique to fight cancer or climate change, for example. And all fields are concerned.
Interest in Deep Tech is worldwide, and France can count on the excellence of its research to shine in this field.

OliKrom, the symbol of the Deep Tech trend in France

Born from the work of Jean-François Létard, former director of research at the CNRS, conducted within the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry in Bordeaux, OliKrom has developed pigments capable of changing color according to changes in their environment: change in temperature, pressure constraints, change in brightness, presence of a solvent or gas…

Applications?  Identify an aircraft part that has been overheated or impacted, or imagine walls whose paint changes color depending on the time of day…