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To meet the strong growth of our commercial activity, we have proceeded to the acquisition of the 4,500 m² land adjacent to the current production site. This operation allows us to triple the surface of our factory in order to intensify the production of our photoluminescent road paint LuminoKrom® and to start the industrialization of new breakthrough products.


The company covers an area of 8,000 m².

For Jean-François Létard, President and Founder of OliKrom, the completion of this project illustrates the passage of a new milestone for the company founded in 2014. “After demonstrating our ability to structure a team around a common project, inaugurating our first industrial site in 2018, launching our first disruptive product LuminoKrom® in 2019, accelerating its commercialization in 2020, and then doubling our headcount between 2021 and 2022, we are now taking a new step that proves the reliability of our industrial business model and our ability to replicate it to transform ideas into products.”

This acquisition of the Courtepaille (ex-restaurant) in Pessac located at 9 avenue de la Tuileranne was supported by CIC Sud-Ouest and Crédit Agricole d’Aquitaine, as well as by the City of Pessac and Bordeaux Métropole as part of the Bordeaux Inno Campus metropolitan interest operation (OIM), a vast planning and economic development project.


The expansion is planned for 2023-2024

The future building is designed to address several markets simultaneously. Each area of the factory is dedicated to a specific market with specific requirements and regulatory frameworks (industry, health, cosmetics, luxury, space and defense, etc.). The factory plans also include a new storage area.

This extension allows us to face with serenity the next steps of our multisectoral development while foreseeing a quick doubling of our workforce. The new production site should be operational by 2024.


Intensify production of our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint

Marketed since 2019, LuminoKrom® is the only photoluminescent road paint on the market capable of lighting up at night for 10 hours to make pedestrian and cyclist travel safer. This solution patented by OliKrom has been adopted by more than 120 local authorities in France and has also attracted interest outside our borders: Belgium, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Senegal, Switzerland… With sales growing by more than 100% per year, the factory expansion will enable the company to meet the growing demands of local authorities, applicators and design offices throughout the world.

Faced with the challenges of energy sobriety at the end of this year, LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road marking appears as an economical and eco-sustainable alternative. Requests are already increasing to compensate for the public lighting cuts planned this winter.


LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint


Innovate and prepare new growth drivers

Thanks to the wealth of our developments and our scientific expertise, we already have future growth drivers. New breakthrough products are currently in the pre-industrialization phase.

The extension of the factory will be partly dedicated to the manufacturing of these products in the fields of health (replacement of carcinogenic components), luxury (high performance durable materials), industrial safety (detection of hydrogen leakage, corrosion, impact on composite materials) and anti-counterfeiting (new security keys).

This acceleration of our growth is supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and Bpifrance (Public Investment Bank).