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Focus on the innovations of the winners of the 2015 "Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous"

The day after the 6th edition of the "Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous" awards ceremony, Anthony Morel takes us through the innovations of 3 French start-ups that stood out at the event.

The first one is called A-volute. It has developed a new type of unidirectional speakers, which allows sound waves to travel in a straight line.

The second favorite is called OliKrom. It is a startup from Bordeaux that has invented an intelligent paint. This paint changes color according to temperature or pressure conditions. In aeronautics, these intelligent pigments could be used to identify an aircraft part that has received a shock.

Finally, Dualsun has created a new type of solar panel, capable of producing electricity and heating bath water at the same time.