OliKrom video – AirbusGroup, the development of a PiezoKrom paint for aviation safety

This film reports the interview of Sophie Senani, Research Engineer at Airbus Group, and Jean-François Létard, CEO of OliKrom in the framework of the ChoCOComp program, a breakthrough innovation in the inspection of composites in aeronautics


When transporting the different parts of an Airbus plane all over Europe, on the final assembly line, the risk of an impact during transport or even during assembly can not be ruled out. Non-destructive ultrasonic testing ensures the identification of any damage for repair but this phase is very long, almost two hours per square meter.

The painting developed by OliKrom makes it possible to identify with the naked eye any impact beyond a determined threshold. The color of the paint changes under the effect of a pressure variation following a shock. “The idea is to be able to facilitate the detection of the shock zones during the assembly. In the end, the ultrasonic inspection would be limited only to the useful zones, likely to present a damage, against all the structure currently, the savingf time in production will then be considerable.

Today, the proof of concept is validated on real parts and the current work focuses on the adaptation of the pressure thresholds in accordance with the specifications dedicated to the parts concerned, this in order to be able to approach the phase of industrialization “The added value of our partnership is an undeniable synergy, our expertise in aeronautical materials combined with that of OliKrom in intelligent pigments leads to highly innovative solutions for our needs, OliKrom is an industrial company and this is clearly an asset because their approach is to offer finished products on the markets, it allows to go faster in the search for solutions. ” concludes Sophie Senani (find the full testimony of Sophie Senani on the Airbus Group – OliKrom collaboration).

The ChoCOComp program is supported by the National Research Agency and the DGA. It is a academic and industrial multi-partner project.