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OliKrom, expert in color intelligence
OliKrom, expert in color intelligence

Start-up Prize at OliKrom at the Neo Aquitain Economic Awards 2020

Neo Aquitains 2020 Economy Prize in Gironde: OliKrom, a start-up in full light

Jean-François Létard, founder of OliKrom, at the presentation of the Neo Aquitains Economic Awards in Gironde, Tuesday March 9. © Photo credit: Stéphane Lartigue / ”Sud Ouest”
Jean-François Létard, fondateur d’OliKrom, lors de la remise des Prix de l’économie Néo Aquitains de Gironde, mardi 9 mars. © Crédit photo : Stéphane Lartigue/”Sud Ouest”

With its painting that lights up more and more cycle paths at night, the OliKrom company from Pessac won the “Start-up Prize” at the Neo Aquitains 2020 Economic Awards.

Based in Pessac, the company OliKrom has invented a photoluminescent paint, LuminoKrom. Like the little star in children’s bedrooms, it captures the sunlight during the day and diffuses it throughout the night. The first applications took place on cycle paths. Luminous markings reassure users and warn of dangerous points: intersections, baffles, bends, pedestrian crossings, etc. It makes the invisible visible over a distance of 80 meters.

Jean-François Létard emphasizes the eco-sustainable and economical nature of his product. “Electrifying a kilometer of cycle path costs between 200,000 and 400,000 euros. With our painting, it’s less than 5,000 euros, ”he emphasizes. Faster to deploy than networks, it effectively fights against light pollution. Its lifespan fluctuates from 5 to 10 years, depending on the harshness of the weather conditions.

Since the inaugural test in Pessac, in 2018, this painting has attracted more than thirty municipalities in France. Driven by the development of cycling, OliKrom (17 employees) sees further. Thus, a first motorway area has just benefited from this type of marking.

Eleven candidates at the start for the Neo Aquitain Economics Awards

For this 2020 edition, 11 companies from Gironde were nominated. Meeting in September, the jury was made up of representatives from the Banque Populaire, the Region, Kedge BS, Pouey international and “Sud Ouest”. Three prizes were awarded to Bistro Régent, OliKrom and ADP Enseignes. Base Innovation won the “Sud Ouest” Readers and Internet Users Prize.