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Are you facing a safety issue?

Are you looking for a solution to counter an industrial risk?

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Reinforce traceability

You want to trace your products to secure your distribution chain

You need to protect your products, your brand and your consumers? The existence of uncontrolled parallel markets leads your customers to buy your products from unofficial resellers, on unselected marketplaces. These counterfeits represent a risk for your consumers and your brand image.

Color intelligence is the answer to this problem. This generation of materials offers a multitude of combinations still unknown to counterfeiters to create security keys. The material can become reactive to temperature (thermochromic materials), to light (photochromic and photoluminescent), to pressure (piezochromic), to the presence of a solvent or a gas (chemochromic).

Depending on the need, the falsification can be visible. For example, a coating on a packaging will change color if it is heated with a hot source to try to remove a label or open a sealed document. In other cases, the key must remain invisible. The smart coating is introduced and will be revealed only at the time of authentication by an authority to demonstrate the origin of a product.

In the field of anti-counterfeiting, it is a perpetual race for innovation. With our 15 years of experience, our company intervenes with discretion to create security keys of different levels according to your strategy.

You are looking for a unitary security key

One of the interests offered by intelligent coatings is to combine ease of implementation and unitary traceability control. The color change is a simple event, understandable by all: No need for a computer, no need for any training to interpret a color change and be alerted.

There are many developments today, for example, in the medical and/or food field for the control of each drug, each packaging: to identify a break in the food cold chain, to certify the conformity of storage of a drug, a vaccine. One of the challenges for our teams is to finely control the detection threshold, to ensure the robustness of the phenomenon over time.

Solve an industrial failure

You wish to reinforce the security of an industrial site

You have identified an industrial risk and are thinking of using an intelligent material? The options to create devices (sensors, indicators, components,…) are limitless in the world of color intelligence. Depending on the need, the material can become reactive with its environment. For example, a coating can change color to indicate a solvent, water or gas leak.

Our chemists and physical-chemists experts in active color are at your disposal. Depending on the industrial risk, we are able to adapt the optical response of materials. The detection can be visual to be interpreted by an operator or coupled for automation (optical device, camera, drone). In some cases, our contribution is even to make the invisible visible, i.e. to amplify the signal to detect the first signs of an anomaly.

Your environment is constrained, you are looking for an autonomous sensor

Some industrial environments require to remain active without electricity supply, in total autonomy. This type of demand occurs in particular for the storage of sensitive materials for years in the field of industrial maintenance (energy, petrochemical, nuclear…). In this case, electrical autonomy is a requirement.

To meet this type of security, we exploit the ability of intelligent materials to change color. This is a thermodynamic process that acts as a passive solution. The color change occurs only when the threshold is crossed: temperature, light intensity, detection level of the targeted gas…

Everything is in the initial programming of the material to present the right threshold to trigger the switching. Just like a living being, the color change information is written in the DNA of the material. It is therefore a robust phenomenon that contrasts with the electronic fragility of electronic sensors: failures, hacking, maintenance issues, etc.

You want to create an autonomous luminescent secondary network

Some constrained industrial environments require the deployment of alternative solutions in the event of a general power failure. Sometimes, the challenge is to ensure the mobility of operators in an environment without any power supply (especially in case of chemical risk, gas leakage…).

For such requests, we exploit the ability of certain smart materials, known as luminescent, to store natural light (or artificial lighting) and to light up in the dark for hours. In particular, we have been able to optimize the mechanisms involved during excitation and relaxation, to obtain an unprecedented luminescence duration of 10 hours. This patented technology is marketed under the LuminoKrom® brand. It is deployed in France and internationally to increase safety in the industrial field, road infrastructures and sea rescue.

Making industrial production more reliable

You wish to improve the quality of your production

Are you experiencing difficulties in making the quality of your production of intelligent materials more reliable? Industrial production is not stable: from one batch to the next, the shade varies, the color change is no longer at the same temperature for thermochromic materials, or at the same light energy for photochromic materials, the luminescence is too low for fluorescent or phosphorescent derivatives.

As an industrial company that designs and produces intelligent coatings, we master all the mechanisms involved in these materials. This understanding allows us to adapt and control the property throughout the manufacturing process. This allows us to ensure stable performance from one production run to the next. We issue a performance certificate for each production batch.

We guarantee international delivery in the shortest possible time, with an impeccable level of quality for any type of industry from kilogram to ton/day.

You are looking for a European industrial producer

You have analyzed the vulnerability of your supplies? Too many quality hazards, uncontrolled delays, ever-increasing transport costs?

OliKrom is a French industrial producer of pigments & intelligent solutions, inks and paints with programmed color change and/or optimized luminescence properties (fluorescence – phosphorescence). Our factory is located in Bordeaux, France (Pessac, 33). 

Our expertise and our quality approach (OliKrom Inside, ISO 9001 certification) enable us to meet production requirements in environments with strong safety and/or regulatory constraints.

We operate in all industrial sectors, ensuring recurrent and reliable production. We operate in the aeronautics, automotive, health, cosmetics, industrial surveillance, construction and public works sectors…

Throughout the development process, our experts are at your side to ensure technical assistance and optimal implementation. 

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