Pedaling at night without a lamppost, it will soon be possible

Pessac is experimenting with a photoluminescent road on a bike path, in order to reinforce road safety.

Olikrom Bicycle path

KEY FIGURES Equipment: 2 kilometers of luminescent track made with a paint that contains photoluminescent pigments

Until then plunged into darkness, two kilometers of bike path now light up when the day goes down in Pessac. No street lights so far. It is the marking on the ground, in this case a white band, which lights up. “The paint used captures and stores sunlight or headlight, and restores it all night,” says Jean-François Létard, founder of the Olikrom pessac company, which has developed this technology. “We had solicited this company as we sought to innovate in terms of pavement, bus stop and lighting, as part of the operation of interest metropolitan Bordeaux Innocampus.

Olikrom, along with the Eiffage Group, won a call for projects on the road of the future operated by …

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