OliKrom was created with one goal in mind: to accompany you from A to Z in the field of intelligent materials, from the co-construction of your specifications to industrial production, including the proof of concept (POC).
By controlling each step, we gain time and efficiency. A strategy that has been successful for years.

A vertical integration strategy

OliKrom©By definition, a smart material is extremely sensitive to its environment and to the slightest variation in formulation and production parameters. Depending on the technology, it can react to temperature, light, pressure, etc. This richness is also its Achilles heel.

To overcome this difficulty, we have chosen to control the entire value chain. This industrial strategy of vertical integration combined with our unique expertise in color intelligence allows us to control the targeted property at each stage of the project and, if necessary, to rectify it.

The handover between our departments is thus perfectly fluid and without any loss of information.

  • Our R&D department carries out the proof of concept (POC) and ensures the design and creation of innovative “tailor-made” intelligent pigments,
  • Our formulation and process department ensures the delicate mission of integrating the intelligent property into the targeted matrix: paint, ink, plastic, varnish, resin, etc.
  • Our factory ensures the production of our intelligent solutions on an industrial scale and our quality department validates the synthetic protocols, the integration of new sources of supply, and ensures the systematic control of the performance of our solutions.

Innovative, customized solutions

Your project is unique

Each request has its own particularities and requirements: desired effect, shaping during the industrial process, desired durability, regulatory aspects, economic dimension… All these criteria are specified in a set of specifications developed jointly with our industrial partner.

It is therefore impossible to transpose a development to another application. All our solutions are unique and meet specific criteria. This is why we do not send out free samples, as they would not meet your requirements.

Our developments are specific

Développement spécifique – OliKrom©We do not have a catalog or so-called “off-the-shelf” solutions. Any production containing an intelligent pigment is the result of a specific development process, in response to a set of specifications, an essential document for our technical teams to synthesize the right pigment and formulate the expected intelligent solution.

The few ready-to-use pigments offered for sale only have a “wow” effect and cannot ensure a stable, high-quality finished product that meets your expectations.

Why not? Because color change and luminescence properties are highly sensitive to their environment, smart pigments are not just a pigment filler that is added to a formulation. A wrong selection of components, a simple modification of the production conditions (speed and shear force, nature and concentration of the ingredients, temperature, viscosity…) directly alters the environment of the smart material, irreparably leading to dissatisfaction, production instability, rapid degradation of the color change and photoluminescence properties… By choosing this seemingly efficient option, you will be disappointed.

A partnership relationship

partnership – OliKrom©When a project is launched, you do not become a customer but a true partner. This distinction is important. You entrust us with a need, a potential future market. It is an opportunity.

Our strategy is to accompany you in your innovation process and to assume part of the financial risk at your side. This is why we deliberately refuse the notion of a service provider. It is a win-win relationship with a common motivation to succeed in the shortest possible time.

We establish a relationship of trust with our partners with the utmost discretion. Thus, 9 out of 10 projects are carried out under a white label and confidentiality agreement.

This proven experience in transforming ideas into industrialized products facilitates exchanges with all our partners. We approach all discussions with your purchasing, legal and quality departments with serenity.

An approved and proven methodology

Today, more than 70 industrialists from all sectors, on a national and international scale, trust us every year. This industrial reputation built over the years is based on rigorous scientific expertise and a unique methodology.

9 out of 10 requests are declined

Without any judgment and in total transparency, our technical team analyzes and evaluates the feasibility of each request with regard to the current maturity of intelligent materials, the time-to-market and the potential value created. This leads us to decline many requests.

Our confidence indicator

Our analysis allows our teams to indicate upstream a confidence indicator on a scale of 10.

Most of the projects we initiate have confidence indicators above 8. However, some programs are deployed with a very low confidence analysis. These are most often disruptive technologies with a very high potential for innovation, on subjects that have been little investigated. If this is the case, our industrial partner is fully aware of the technological risk, and our teams take up the challenge.

A single point of contact

The specifications for your project are drawn up jointly with one of our experts, who will remain your dedicated contact until the final solution is delivered.
He or she will manage the program and organize all the feasibility and validation stages. He will act as a link between your departments and our technical teams.

The stages of your project

Process – OliKrom©The progression is done by phase, with Go/No go milestones at each step:

  • Analysis of the state of the art: evaluation based on bibliographic research (patent databases, analysis, scientific and commercial publications);
  • Co-construction of the specifications: desired effect, color change threshold, targeted matrix, shaping during the industrial process, durability, regulatory aspects, economic dimension, marketing and/or customer requirements, risk, deadlines, quantities…
  • Proof of Concept (POC): demonstration of feasibility, development of a prototype and/or a solution to demonstrate the desired effect. It is a concrete and preliminary experimental realization, still incomplete, illustrating a certain method or idea;
  • Pre-industrialization: we test, demonstrate and validate the operability on an industrial site with all the optimizations made;
  • The industrial validation: realization of the ramp-up, securing the supply of raw materials, implementation of the quality approach, certification, audit, exchanges with the purchasing department and contractualization;
  • Industrial production made in France (Pessac – 33): manufacturing from the kilo to the ton/day and technical assistance of your various services.

Throughout this process, our team of scientific experts is at your side to ensure technical assistance and optimal implementation.

At the end of all our projects, our solutions are delivered with a certificate of conformity. An essential quality requirement in the world of intelligent materials.

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