Formulation Unit

The formulation unit of OliKrom controls and develops innovative solutions integrating smart materials with color changing properties in different matrixes such as paints, varnishes, inks …

OliKrom adapts the formulation according to the specifications:

  • Viscosity control, opacity/transparency,
  • Adjusting color change properties (selection of the wavelength (UV, Visible, IR), choice of colors, study of the switching speed, reversibility, irreversibility, fatigability, aging resistance …)
  • Matrix / pigment adaptation to the nature of the support,
  • Optimization of the chemical stability,

Today, OliKrom integrates its smart materials into:

  • Paints (mono-, bi-components),
  • Inks (silkscreen printing or offset, UV or solvent),
  • Varnishes (mat, satiny, brilliant),
  • Polymers (masterbatch …),
  • Pigmentary paste,

OliKrom adapts its production of integrated smart pigments:

  • For inks, from kg to hundreds of kg,
  • For paints and varnishes, from liter to hundreds of liters,
  • For polymers and pigmentary pastes, from kg to hundreds of kg.

Integration equipment:

  • Tricylinders,
  • Ball mills,
  • Viscometer,
  • Colorimeter,
  • Standardized lighting cabin,
  • Painting room,
  • Pneumatic spray,
  • Silk screen printing,