Consultancy & Technical Assistance

Processus de Conseil en InnovationOliKrom works in close collaboration with many companies and accompanies the development of their innovative projects by providing:

  • An expert team (doctors, engineers, technicians) adapted to each industrial step,
  • Trainings about smart pigments on demand,
  • Technological and scientific relay from academic laboratories and platforms.

The consultancy & technical assistance of OliKrom is also:

  • An Analysis Service: OliKrom brings consulting & technical assistance in physico-chemical characterization, measurement of thermochromic, photochromic and piezochromic properties, chemical analysis, electron microscopy, accelerated aging chamber,
  • A R&D Partner throughout the industrial process of smart pigments integration,…

OliKrom contributes through its scientific activities to develop the technologies of tomorrow, especially in the field of functional materials, able to adapt to their environment.

OliKrom makes you save time being an efficient support to bring your new products on the market.