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Material science and color intelligence

A disruptive innovation within your reach

Today, each material has a unique color and manufacturers use a variety of pigments and/or dyes. Tomorrow, like the Chameleon, the color of an object (a tie) will be able to change to allow a professional use during the day at work and relaxation at night.

This is the world of color intelligence. A breakthrough innovation in materials science that allows our teams to adapt the optical response of a material to its environment. The “Material” has the capacity to react spontaneously and autonomously to natural or provoked environmental modifications.

This breakthrough innovation is set to revolutionize the world of pigments and dyes. Our teams are already applying this revolution:

  • to implement security and anti-counterfeiting elements,
  • to functionalize new products or even to redesign a range by creating interactivity,
  • to replace materials for economic, environmental or regulatory reasons.

This unique know-how in color intelligence allows our teams to transform “ideas” into “products“, some of which are already on the market. 

The art of selecting the right building blocks

Our OliKrom® products are the result of acquired and patented know-how. We hold several exclusive licenses and have our own portfolio of patents and trademarks.

Like a mason or a goldsmith, we structure and chisel the material to design and produce the optimal intelligent solution. The modification of the structure makes it possible to control the change of color and/or emission according to a disturbance :

A solution adapted to your specifications

Each intelligent coating (paint, ink, masterbatch, ….) is designed and produced to meet the specific requirements of our industrial partners. There is no off-the-shelf catalog. Your expectations, your industrial process, your matrix are specific. It is impossible to provide a free sample before having designed it for you!

Today, we have at our disposal a wide variety of smart materials from organic, inorganic or even hybrid approaches, and our internal research is continuously leading us to enrich this alphabet.

This allows us to select the optimal approach to your constraints and to achieve, for example, the best compromise between the recognized strength of metallic ions and the flexibility of molecular matter.

On measure, we adjust :

  • The nature of the colors (wavelengths) involved,
  • The reversible and/or irreversible character,
  • The switching speed and the fatigability issues.
  • The insertion of these adaptive pigments in a formulation (paint, ink, masterbatch,…) without altering the properties!
  • Industrial scale production of inks and paints

The scientific expertise of a team at your service

Our teams are made up of doctors, engineers and operators who master the most advanced scientific concepts in materials science, thermodynamics, photochemistry, formulation, chemical engineering, etc.

Today, there is a multitude of materials which are transformed by the contribution of an external energy and obey the laws of the phenomena of phase transition. Some are accompanied by a complete upheaval of the structure with the passage of a solid form to liquid, such as an ice cube which turns into water around 0°C. Others present much more subtle modifications such as the change of coordination from an octahedron to a tetrahedron site, a shift of atoms plane in the structure,…

The molecular scale

Everything happens at the molecular scale. If the physical process causes too much stress at the structural scale, a phenomenon of fatigability will appear during the ON/OFF modification cycles.

The color of a material which changes color between blue (initial state) and white (final state) according to a targeted external perturbation (temperature, gas,…), will start to show an intermediate bluish color with time. Some molecular entities are blocked in their initial state and are no longer able to change state. We find ourselves with a mixture of blue balls able to change into white and others blocked in their blue form.

It is a balance to be found and which makes it possible, depending on the project, to obtain a reversible or irreversible property. In some cases, this phenomenon is sought to create an indicator of fatigue with a cumulative effect, particularly in the field of predictive maintenance, or even the expiration of an article in the health, food, industrial, …

Our chemists in the research department will select the most suitable physical process for your project: structural modification of isomerization, cyclization (or ring opening), electron transfer, proton transfer, hydrogen atoms and/or spin state,…

When these smart materials are well parameterized, they become sensitive, adaptive and evolutive. Under the effect of a variation in temperature, pH, mechanical stress, or light, they are capable of modifying their physical properties (shape, color, luminescence, elasticity, etc.) or even triggering an action.

It is a real revolution in materials science that is underway. This requires us to think differently, color becomes controllable, modular! Many companies from all industrial sectors already trust us to implement a disruptive innovation.


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