Our innovation

Our OliKrom® products are the result of a know-how and patents. OliKrom operates several exclusive licenses and has its own portfolio of patents and trademarks.

The solutions developed by OliKrom involve a new generation of hybrid pigments that combines the proven strength of the metal ions and the flexibility of the molecular material. The change in the structure allow to control the color change as a function of :

  • Temperature (thermochromic property),
  • Light (photochromic property),
  • Pressure (piezochromic property),
  • A solvent (solvatochromic property),
  • A gas (chimiochromic property), …

The expertise of OliKrom allows for each of these properties:

  • To adjust the request colors,
  • To obtain reversible and/or irreversible color-shifting,
  • To modulate the speed of the color change,
  • To control the issues of fatigability.
  • To insert these adaptive pigments in a formulation (paint, ink, masterbatch, …) without altering the properties!
  • To produce on an industrial scale paintings, inks, master batches, …

Quality approach

OliKrom exclusively distributes the final solution in the form of paint, ink, masterbatch as all the functionalities (thermochromism, photochromism, piezochromism, solvatochromism, …) are controlled.

As part of its quality reference, OliKrom does not distribute any free samples and no pigment in powder form. Each intelligent coating (paint, ink, masterbatch, ….) is designed and produced to meet specifications from our industrial partners.