OliKrom is preparing for the future by following Euronext’s TechShare program

The OliKrom team anticipates the next stages of its growth by following Euronext’s TechShare program.

The TechShare program is an opportunity for OliKrom to benefit from quality support on the themes of financing and the IPO.

  • The course has three components:
  • Two academic sessions on campus, organized in collaboration with HEC Paris and Vlerick Business School.
  • Individual coaching sessions with an auditing and consulting firm, a law firm and a financial communication agency.
  • Technical workshops organized one evening a month in Paris.

TechShare Welcomes Growing Number of Promising Tech Companies

Euronext’s pan-European education program designed for high-growth, unlisted technology companies re-enters with 68 companies selected, a 45% increase in membership compared to the previous class.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris – September 29, 2017 – Euronext announces the launch of the third edition of TechShare, its capital markets training program for high potential European technology companies. The Belgian, Dutch, French and Portuguese companies in the new promotion were brought together by Euronext and its partners at HEC on September 29 and 30, 2017 and at Vlerick Business School in Belgium in March 2018. At the end of an in-depth selection process, 68 companies were selected (against 47 last year) for the quality of their technological innovations, their economic models and their prospects. The participants in TechShare for the year 2017-2018 include 16 Belgian companies, 32 French companies, 14 Dutch companies, and 6 Portuguese companies, which work in various sectors such as digital technologies, life sciences, or eco -industries. In total, these new companies have a turnover of 500 million euros and employ more than 6,500 people. During a 10-month training period, they will have the opportunity to participate in technical workshops dedicated to financial market financing, individual coaching sessions as well as two seminars at HEC Paris and Vlerick Business School.

48 partners are joining Euronext this year, including 14 new ones, to support TechShare entrepreneurs in their next stages of development. Selected for their expertise in their respective fields of activity, the partners will help business leaders better understand the expectations of the financial markets and advise them on the best way to prepare for a possible IPO.

Since the launch of TechShare, two companies in the program have already gone public on Euronext to finance their growth: the multi-service WiFi network operator Osmozis, and Balyo, the robotization specialist for industrial trucks.

Gérard Tremblay, Chairman and CEO of Osmozis, declares: “We are very proud to be the first company in the TechShare program to have completed our initial public offering on Euronext Growth in Paris. This operation represents a key stage in our development, increases our visibility, and finances a new cycle of profitable growth. “

Fabien Bardinet, Chairman and CEO of Balyo adds: “Choosing to go public was one of the most important decisions of my professional life. Only a few months after the listing, I can already measure the benefits, not only in terms of cash flow, but also in terms of the positive impact on our daily activities thanks to better visibility on the markets. The TechShare program was instrumental in our decision-making and, without it, we probably would have missed this opportunity. ”

Stéphane Boujnah, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Euronext, said: “We are delighted to start a new year for TechShare in collaboration with our partners, who play a central role in the success of this program with entrepreneurs. It is a remarkable networking and advisory tool that allows them to navigate the funding ecosystem with ease. Euronext is committed to providing European technology companies with access to capital markets to support their long-term growth, as evidenced by our recent announcement to expand our offering for these companies beyond our core countries. “