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HEC challenge+, transform your idea into a company with high potential !

  • Goal : to help developers of innovative projects with high growth potential build their business plan
  • Public : entrepreneurs of innovative projects and high-tech
  • Duration : 9 months - 2 batches/year
The program helps developers of innovative projects with high growth potential build their business plan, and provides assistance throughout the development process. The teaching formula closely associates training, assistance and a personalized follow-up. The pedagogical formula combines training, counseling and personalized follow-up.

It is a unique initiative due to the diversity of its network and the scope and quality of its experts. A pioneer in training for innovative entrepreneurs, HEC CHALLENGE+ is clearly established as the undisputed leader in its market.


OliKrom among the emblematic companies

Among the 120 French startups that will make the economy of tomorrow for Les Echos Start, nearly 25% of them have passed through HEC CHALLENGE+!

  • The nuggets : Genepred, Avalun, Millidrop, VitaDx, Inotrem, Poietis, Bodycap, Kinestesia, InSimo, MesDépanneurs.fr, 2Spark, Sublimed, Airinnov, Trustinsoft, Ethera, Qucit, Thrustme, Stiral, Greencreative, Lactips, Accelad,  Novae, Apix, , 3deau, Sirfull, Nawatechnology, Greenerwave, Fysiki
  • Emblematic companies of the HEC Challenge + program : Cellectis ⸱ Oxand ⸱ Groupe Point Vision ⸱ Xiring ⸱ Theranexus ⸱ Nawatechnologies ⸱ Leosphere ⸱ Mesdepanneurs.fr ⸱ 5 Degrés Ouest ⸱ Agence Hippie ⸱ Minimento ⸱ OliKrom ⸱ The Coding Machine ⸱ Implicity ⸱ Therapixel ⸱ Primo1d ⸱ Sublimed ⸱ Predilife ⸱ Timiat ⸱ Usercube...